[artinfo] Copyleft Attitude: the Free Art license

brainstorm brainstorm@i-love-u.ch
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 13:24:14 +0200

=46ree Art license
[Copyleft Attitude]

version 1.1

Preamble: see at http://www.artlibre.org

With this Free Art License, you are authorised to copy, distribute and=
 freely transform the work of art while respecting the rights of the=
 originator. Far from ignoring the author's rights, this license recognises=
 them and protects them. It reformulates their principle while making it=
 possible for the public to make creative use of the works of art. Whereas=
 current literary and artistic property rights result in restriction of the=
 public's access to works of art, the goal of the Free Art License is to=
 encourage such access.

The intention is to make work accessible and to authorise the use of its=
 resources by the greatest number of people: to use it in order to
increase its use, to create newconditions for creation in order to multiply=
 the possibilities of creation, while respecting the originators in=
 according them recognition and defending their moral rights.

In fact, with the arrival of the digital age, the invention of the Internet=
 and free software, a new approach to creation and production
has made its appearance. It also encourages a continuation of the process of=
 experimentation undertaken by many contemporary artists.

Knowledge and creativity are resources which, to be true to themselves, must=
 remain free, i.e. remain a fundamental search which is not directly related=
 to a concrete application. Creating means discovering the unknown, means=
 inventing a reality without any heed to realism. Thus, the object(ive) of=
 art is not equivalent to the finished and defined art object. This is the=
 basic aim of this Free Art
License: to promote and protect artistic practice free from the rules of the=
 market economy.