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Arts Management Newsletter No.1 (08/2001)
An information service by Arts Management Network
You are receiving the first edition of the Arts Management Newsletter, an
international information service by Arts Management Network. This
newsletter will report monthly about interesting developments, courses,
books, people and events around the field of arts management and cultural
administration as well as heritage or leisure management. Further links to
our online section and to related websites give you the opportunity to find
out more details.
The editors are two arts managers from Weimar, Germany, a place, which is
famous of its cultural history, not only in literature (Goethe, Schiller),
music (Bach, Liszt), architecture (Bauhaus) or philosophy (Nietzsche).
This newsletter wants to be a contemporary addition to print and online
magazines. Our German edition is successful for 2 years with 24 issues. We
invite you to forward this newsletter to other collegues and friends as well
as to give us your comments and proposals to make this newsletter a helpful
tool of communication between people, who have one of the most interesting
jobs: managing the arts.
Best regards from Dirk Heinze & Dirk Schuetz
1. National Arts Marketing conference
2. Review: Summer Academy at ICCM in Salzburg
3. Review Arts Marketing Conference in UK
4. Review of AIMAC and AAAE conferences in Brisbane
5. Links about Arts Marketing
6. Book of the month: Marketing Culture and the Arts (F. Colbert)
7. Course of the month: Krakow
8. Branding: Positioning Museums in the 21st Century
9. Upcoming events

1. National Arts Marketing Conference

The Arts & Business Council Inc. presents, under the aegis of their American
Express National Arts Marketing Project, and in partnership with the arts
marketing journal Arts Reach, the first ever national arts marketing
conference. The conference, entitled "Hitting a Vein: Strike Gold With
Sponsorship and Marketing Strategies that Work" will take place in San
Francisco, from October 27th to 30th, 2001. The program includes a one day
intensive Arts Sponsorship Summit, followed by the 2 1/2 day National Arts
Marketing Conference, filled with keynotes and valuable workshops.  Powerful
peer-to-peer learning and networking is expected, in addition to the formal
education. The National Arts Marketing project has, over the past three
years, trained thousands of arts managers around the country, and many of
the sessions at the conference will draw on success stories and trainers
identified through this program.

More details: http://www.artsreach.com/conference.html

[from: PULSE! The Online Newsletter by www.allianceonline.org, vol.5 no.5]

2. Review: Summer Academy at ICCM in Salzburg

For the past 10 years, the European Summer Academy in Salzburg has attracted
culture managers, primarily from Central and Eastern Europe, but also from
Western Europe, Palestine, South Africa, India and the United States. In
celebration of its tenth anniversary, the Summer Academy in Salzburg has
been reorganized to include New Media and a true international and
trans-cultural concept.
Arts Management Network has got to learn a motivated team of lecturers and
participants, which has been especially improved the development in the arts
of East-European countries.

More details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/events/iccm2001.html

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3. Review Arts Marketing Conference in UK

The AMA Conference 2001, "Made In Heaven", explored the theme of
collaboration. Over 300 delegates from across the cultural sector came
together in Birmingham last month to share best practice, discuss and debate
how working collaboratively may help their organisations to flourish.  A
report will be available shortly from the Arts Marketing Association.

Further information: http://www.a-m-a.co.uk

4. Review of AIMAC and AAAE conferences in Brisbane

The papers and discussions during the 6th international conference of AIMAC
(Management Arts & Culture International Association) in Brisbane has shown:
arts management is becoming more and more an independent discipline, and is
becoming increasingly international. A lot of interesting papers and
discussions has covered three main topics: Marketing; Management,
Organisational Behaviour and Strategy; and Cultural Policy. The Association
of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) has also decided to go to Australia
with it's conference this year.
We present reviews for both events on the following pages:


5. Links about Arts Marketing

Arts Marketing Association (UK): http://www.a-m-a.co.uk
Arts Marketing Online (USA): http://www.artsmarketing.org
Fuel 4 Arts (AUS): http://www.fuel4arts.com
Museum Marketing Tips (UK): http://www.museummarketingtips.com
Arts Reach Magazine (USA): http://www.artsreach.com

6. Book of the month: Marketing Culture and the Arts, by F. Colbert

This book was written for managers of all types of cultural enterprises,
whether large or small, non-profit or commercial, local or international,
part of the cultural industry or creative ventures. In addition to
presenting basic marketing concepts, it discusses how these concepts have
traditionally been applied and, most importantly, how they apply to the
specific context of culture and the arts.
This second edition of Marketing Culture and the Arts is more
"international" in scope, offering new examples from a variety of countries,
as well as a new section focusing on sponsorship and an extensive
Arts Management Network recommends to buy this book, because no other book
is currently available, which covers arts marketing in such a conceptual

More details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/bookstore/colbert.html

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specific topics, with short descriptions, reviews and other important facts
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Our Bookstore: http://www.artsmanagement.net/bookstore.html

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7. Course of the month: Krakow

One of the most ambitioned cultural management courses in East Europe is
placed in Poland. The Faculty of Management and Communication is still a
young but already international recognized faculty at the Jagiellonsky
University in Krakow. Prof. Emil Orzechowski and his team offer a Bachelor
as well as a Master program in Cultural Management with a special focus on
the impact of information and communication on invidual, social,
organizational, national and international affairs.

Course details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/education/krakow.html
Education Directory: http://www.artsmanagement.net/education.html

8. Branding: Positioning Museums in the 21st Century

As we enter the 21st century, museums find themselves struggling to maintain
audiences in competition with an increasing number of leisure attractions.
How can museums position themselves to appeal to leisure consumers while
distinguishing themselves from theme parks, amusement arcades and other
entertainment venues? Effective branding offered valuable insights and
solutions at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia. An article by Carol

Read more in the International Journal of Arts Management:

9. Upcoming events

sept.12-17: Northeast Performing Arts Conference (NEPAC), Wellesley MA
sept.15-17: Canadian Arts Presenters Association - conference, Ottawa
sept.17-22: Univ. of Quebec - Globalism and Pluralism - congress, Montreal
sept.26-29: Boekman Foundation - Arts and Culture in Education, Rotterdam
okt. 16-19: The Ressource Alliance - Int. Fundraising Congress, Amsterdam
okt. 18-20: Golden Gate University - Annual Conference, San Francisco
okt. 27-30: National Arts Marketing Conference, San Francisco

All events with details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/events.html

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