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Kiss-Pál Szabolcs kspal@aramszu.net
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 12:44:14 +0100 (MET DST)

August 31, 2001 Feed the Body, Feed the Soul - 8th annual
international art competition.  First Place-$1500/$3000 total
prizes. For an entry form send an SASE to: Bart Drake, Fitton
Center/FBFS, 101 S Monument Av, Hamilton OH 45011 OR 513-863-8873 OR

Aug 31, 2001 ARTISTS WANTED Seeking artists for publication in art
magazine with international direct mail and newsstand
distribution. For information send an SASE to: Direct Art, 870 6th Av,
New York NY 10001

Oct 31, 2001 RENAISSANCE XVII Competition/exhibition open to
international artists, but SASE with US postage required. Media
includes PA, DR, GR, PR, SC, TX, WE, MM and PH. $3,000 in cash
awards. Entry fee. For more information, please contact: Yosemite
Renaissance XVII, Box 100, Yosemite CA 95389 OR 209-372-4024 OR

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