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Subject: Links Prize A joint venture betwwen VIROSE (Porto) and
    V2_Organisation (Rotterdam)

LINKS PRIZE>Call for Submissions

***A joint venture betwwen VIROSE (Porto) and V2_Organisation (Rotterdam

On Liga=E7=F5es/Links/Liaisons

In 2001, the city of Porto (Portugal) and the city of Rotterdam
(Netherlands), are the chosen European Capitals of Culture. In the
context of Porto 2001, the Program on =ABThought, Science and
Interdisciplinary Projects=BB is promoting an International Conference on
cyberculture, entitled =ABLiga=E7=F5es/Links/Liaisons=BB, which is curated =
Jos=E9 Bragan=E7a de Miranda e Maria Teresa Cruz. The event will take place
in Serralves Museum (Porto) from the 29th October to the 2nd November.
Researchers and artists will be invited to react to the theme of the
conference and all collaborations will be gather in the website and in a
book to be published on the date of the conference.
Each one will react to these questions, in five specific sessions: free
links; strange or uncanny links; dangerous links; entangled links;
on-off links.

In conjunction with this event, Virose and V_2 Organisation have put
together a contest consisting of the development of web.art projects.
The contest is intended to promote projects of an experimental nature,
as should any kind of initiative of this sort. As such, multiple and
varied responses are expected, but these should not drift away from the
proposed Links themes. However, there shall not be any limitations to
the creative conception of Links, which should be developed in a
conceptually expansive form or manner.

The competition is open to any art project designed and developed
specifically for the Web and produced after the 1st of January 2001.
The deadline for submission is the 5th of October 2001, along with the
submissions form properly filled out.
The Juries final decision will announce the winner. The decision will be
communicated to the winning participants on the 31st of October 2001.
The US $2500 prize money will go to the best project in competition.
Runner ups shall receive a written statement for their participation
indicating the outstanding quality of their projects as well as an
invitation for future developments within VIROSE's  activities.

More info and Submission Form at http://links.virose.pt

If in need of support or for general questions concerning this prize,
you may contact Paul Coutinho through paulc@virose.pt