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>>Subject: Syndicate: first statement of the imprisoned PublixTheatreCarava=
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>>this is a text written in the jail in alessandria. its autorized from
>>all the imprisoned aktivists of the PublixTheatreCarwan in the jails of
>>alessandria and voghera .... please spreed out widley - put it on
>>websites and mailinglists
>>thank you
>>NoBorder - NoNation - NoPrison
>>Cultural stiff 01
>>"freedom of movement" is the main concern of the european
>>NOborder-network and the Publixtheatrecaravan - Volxtheaterkarawane
>>which is embedded in the network in the summer of 2001.
>>We are on tour from Nickelsdorf over Salzburg, Lendava (Slo),
>>Eisenkappel (A), Genova (I) to Frankfurt/Main (D), where we never
>>arrived because of our arrests after the G8-summit in Genua. Tourdiary:
>>So far we felt like air castles builder, cyberartists, jugglers and
>>scrutinizing nomads. As a theatregroup we feel obliged to the tradition
>>of improvisation and we dont let put ourselves in costumes which try to
>>knit makeup out of woolen hats.
>>About our arrestment:
>>- 3 hours in front of shtoguns and MG4's pointing on us
>>- finger on the trigger
>>- records about us were made by the italian police
>>- hittings, kickings and humiliations
>>- no sleep (under threats)
>>Later (after 30 hours) in prison:
>>- no telephone calls
>>- until now nearly no contact to lawyers
>>- bad interpreters (during the time while they proved the reasons for
>>our arrestments)
>>- no access to media
>>- for six days nothing to write
>>- nektor, z nas nemali ziaden kontakt s konzulatum
>>- nothing to read or juggle
>>Although we have been split - without reason - from the arrested women,
>>>from the outside world and therefore from information we try to take a
>>stand with following demands:
>>- Our protest and our political claim
>>- no matter which time and which place - will carry our specific
>>cultural expression which we will develope
>>- we demand to stop the classification of people in "wanted" and
>>"unwanted" and the stop of the restriction of the freedom of the
>>movement like f.e. the duty of residence for people seeking for asylum
>>or the producing of lists about political unwelcomed people.
>>- we demand the stop of all proceedings concerning the G8-protests and
>>the freedom for all prisoners who were arrested because of G8-protests
>>and the solving of the happenings in Genua in particular the death of
>>Carlos Giuliani and the storming of "Scuola Diaz"
>>- we want to leave the prisons together with our dog Pogo, with our
>>theatre props, our kitchen, our vehicles, computer, cameras and our
>>stinkin' socks.
>>We are not swedes, australians, americans, slovacians, germans,
>>austrians - we are Publixtheatrecaravan
>>We work out a play in which we take a stand to everything that happened
>>during our tour. For us theatre is an important political expression.
>>This play should help to clear and digest all the happenings we are
>>confrontated with now.
>>Working title: Genova
>>Premiere: uncertain
>>PS: Greetings to the bordercamp at the airport in Frankfurt/Main and to
>>all people outside there who declared their solidarity! Abolition of
>>internment and deportation - worldwide NOborder - NOnation - NOone is
>>The Imprisoneds of the PublixTheatreCarawan =85 in the jail of Alessandri=
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