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Art and Solidarity Reader-Radical Actions, Politics and Friendships

Office for Contemporary Art Norway



Art and Solidarity Reader-Radical Actions, 
Politics and Friendships (OCA / Valiz, 2022) is a 
new publication featuring a collection of various 
accounts of artistic solidarity globally from the 
1970s to today. The publication also acts as a 
companion to 
of Art and Solidarity, the OCA-curated exhibition 
that took place at Kunstnernes Hus in 2021. Art 
and Solidarity Reader emphasises the centrality 
of artist-led empathy and personal connectivity 
in building networks of solidarity and concrete 
actions that generate profound transformation in 


For the book's first public launch in Norway, 
editor and former director of OCA, Katya 
García-Antón will introduce the publication. 
Norwegian-Palestinian historian, Toufoul 
Abou-Hodeib will present her research for the 
Reader and her chapter titled The Travelling 
Scarf and Other Stories. Art Networks, Politics 
and Friendships Between Palestine and Norway. 
Mixe language rights activist and researcher, 
Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil, and Southern Sámi PhD 
fellow, Eva Maria Fjellheim, will discuss 
Indigenous language advocacy and their 
contributions to the Reader. Curator of 
Contemporary Art at MUNCH, and assistant editor 
of the Reader, Liv Brissach will talk about queer 
solidarity drawing on the work Probably Chelsea 
by Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Chelsea Manning 
presented as part of the Actions of Art and 
Solidarity exhibition. Welcome words by OCA 
director, Ruben Steinum.

The Reader considers the agency that artists, 
collectives and art institutions have generated 
from the 1970s to today to build the radical 
imaginaries of care and solidarity needed to 
transform the conditions of our collective 
existence in the face of local and global crises. 
Presenting new and historical material, the 
Reader narrates a series of stories of solidarity 
across geographies in relation to emergencies 
connected to ecocide, femicide, genocide, 
migration, neo-colonialism, inter-religious 
conflicts, class divisions and heteronomativity, 
amongst others. It also gives a central place to 
Indigenous perspectives rarely considered when 
discussing solidarity in the arts.

"An admirable gathering of urgently needed 
documents to construct a true history of art and 
solidarity around the world. -Cecilia Vicuña, 
Chilean-Indigenous mestizo artist and poet

"At a time when humanity is struggling to create 
a more equitable world, this is a must-read for 
those interested in generating networks of 
solidarity for our future." -Zineb Sedira, 
Franco-Algerian photographer and video artist

The publication includes contributions by Reem 
Abbas, Toufoul Abou-Hodeib, Noor Abuarafeh, 
Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil, Ali Hussein Al-Adawy, 
Salvador Allende, Beth Brant, Wendy Carrig, 
Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Emory Duoglas, Ntone 
Edjabe, Ingrid Fadnes, Eva Maria Fjellheim, Katya 
García-Antón, Soledad García Saavedra, Gavin 
Jantjes, Sholi Kanuga, Geeta Kapur, Lara Khaldi, 
Ixchel León, Audre Lorde, Chelsea Manning, 
Olivier Marboeuf, Barbara Masekela, Naeem 
Mohaiemen, Mário Pedrosa, Ram Rahman, Laura 
Raicovich, farid rakun / ruangrupa, Aban Raza, 
Devika Singh, Irene Soria Guzmán, Kwanele Sosibo, 
Eszter Szakács, Dulce Celina Ureña Hernández, 
Alice Walker.

Art and Solidarity Reader-Radical Actions, Politics and Friendships
384 Pages
28cm x 20cm (h x w)
Published by Valiz / Office for Contemporary Art Norway (2022)
Editor: Katya García-Antón
Design: Hans Gremmen
ISBN: 978-94-93246-02-7
29.90 EUR

The book is published and distributed 
internationally by Valiz. To order, please visit 

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