[artinfo] Open Call One-Off Moving Image Festival 2021

Zsolt Mesterhazy zsoltfm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 20:18:37 CEST 2021

One-Off Moving Image Festival 2021


Open call for one second movies and off takes

We invite you to the fourth edition of One-Off Moving Image Festival!
We're looking for one second long movies and off takes on the theme "After IS NOw". The interpretation is open, both for the theme and for what an "off take" means. 

The festival is digital and screens the movies online during the festival November 7 - 14, 2021. We intend to screen all movies, with no jury or curation. We use public space to show the festival via QR-codes. 

We're collaborating with 60Seconds Festival <https://60sec.org/> in Copenhagen (DK) which takes place at the same time. 60sec screens a selection of the movies mixed with their 60 seconds movies in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and Helsingør during the festival week. 

In addition, all movies will be included in the next Leap Second Festival <http://noemata.net/leapsec27>, an irregular x-ennale lasting one second. 

One second movie submission

# one second short / off take
# original material
# no credits added to the movie
# mp4 web-optimized format
# 4:3 aspect ratio (use letterbox <https://www.mediacollege.com/video/aspect-ratio/16x9-to-4x3.html> to convert from other aspect ratios.)
Deadline for participation: October 1, 2021. 

Submit your movie here <https://noemata.net/one-off/submit.html> 

Be sure to also check out 60Seconds Festival's open call <http://60sec.org/> for 60 seconds movies!

Former editions

2020: http://noemata.net/one-off/2020/ <http://noemata.net/one-off/2020/>
2019: http://noemata.net/one-off/2019/ <http://noemata.net/one-off/2019/>
2018: http://noemata.net/one-off/2018/ <http://noemata.net/one-off/2018/index.html>

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