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learning electronics, software, fabrication & sound design

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** Build Your Own Sound Sculpture

learning electronics, software, fabrication & sound design

When: July 5, 10am–5pm (including a break)
Where: Zönotéka, Hobrechtstr. 54, 12047 Berlin
Price: €100 + €50 for materials (cash, paypal)
Instructor: Pierre Depaz https://zoenoteka.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=9f859246f6d5c150e08419c87&id=b6c352f717&e=9530a6d8a6
Experience: All levels - no prior experience needed
Language: English
Places are limited to 6 participants. Secure your spot now via email pierre.depaz at gmail.com.

With all the music in the world at the end of our streaming fingertips, it’s sometimes hard to think of sound as something which takes up space, something with weight, something that can be built. And yet, affordable electronics, simple software, and CNC machines make it easier than ever before to design and construct a musical artifact.

This one-day workshop covers the basics of software, hardware, parametric fabrication and sound design. Housed in the ZÖNOTÉKA gallery in Neukölln, we will go through all the different steps involved in constructing your own sonic object, including:
—Electronics: the basics of Arduino (a hardware prototyping
platform), plus how to put together a microcontroller, a storage module,
an amplifier and a couple of buttons.
—Software: introduction to the basics of programming the
Arduino in order to program your own playback logic (or, as Brian Eno would put it, “semi-autonomous generative music”).
—Fabrication: how to design parts on vector software such as Illustrator, how to cut the casing of your object with ZÖNOTÉKA’s CNC milling machines, and programming shapes with parameters for a unique
—Sound design: the nitty-gritty of audio file formats, and writing code to arrange music.

What do we provide?
Additional materials will be provided by the organizers.
wood, screws, bolts, switches, buttons
Arduino Nano, LM386 amplifier, Micro SD Card 16Gb, SD Card Reader, Audio exciter Dayton DAEX19CT-4 (included in the cost of the workshop)
Code: Arduino IDE (free)
Sound: Audacity (free)
CAD Drawing: Inkscape (free) or Illustrator (trial)
Sample sound files

What you will need to bring?
Laptop, charger
mini-USB cable, if possible
flash drive, if possible

What will you take home?
A unique sound sculpture created by You
A great experience of learning from experts and collaborating across disciplines
Getting to know new people with similar interest and with various backgrounds
The experimental skills of an artist
The exact knowledge of an engineer


Please make sure that you arrive at 9:45 in order to complete registration and start sharp at 10am!
Adress: Hobrechtstr. 54, 12047 Berlin

Morning: Basics & Planning
Introduction to Arduino
Introduction to CAD design

Afternoon: Assembly & Construction
Soldering workshop
Hot-wire foam cutting
Final assembly

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