[artinfo] Predictive Art Bot (v4) online

by way of János Sugár peripheriques at free.fr
Mon Jul 9 20:01:46 CEST 2018

We are pleased to release our new online project:


An algorithm that turns the latest media headlines into artistic concepts.

In the age of hyperconnectivity, the perverse 
implications of media echo chambers are becoming 
more and more obvious. Groups of similar 
behaviors are being partitioned in filter 
bubbles, while the few massively reposted topics 
tends to monopolize most of the available 
attention. Such insular echo chambers strongly 
affect ways of thinking, resulting in 
increasingly homogeneous imaginaries within 
groups of like-minded people.

Predictive Art Bot caricatures the predictability 
of media influenced artistic concepts, by 
automating and skirting the human creative 
process. But beyond mere automation, it aims to 
stimulate unbridled, counter-intuitive and even 
disconcerting associations of ideas.

To do so, it continually monitors emerging trends 
among the most influential news sources in fields 
as heterogeneous as politics, environment, 
innovation, culture, activism, or health... On 
this basis, it identifies and combines keywords 
to generate concepts of artworks in a fully 
automated way, ranging from unreasonable to 
prophetic through absurd. Each prediction becomes 
a thought experiment waiting to be incubated, 
misused or appropriated by a human host.

Conception DISNOVATION.ORG 2015-2018
Programming Jérôme Saint-Clair
With the support of CNC / DICREAM and SCAM (Paris)
More info: http://www.disnovation.org/pab.php

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