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The Gobal Composition 2018. Conference for Sound, Ecology, and Media Culture

From 4-7 October 2018 the scientific-artistic 
conference “The Global Composition" will take 
place again on Mediacampus Dieburg (Darmstadt 
UAS), Germany. Subtitle: “Sound, Ecology, and 
Media Culture". Our keynotes shall deal with 
topics like computer games, gender and voice, 
aircraft noise and children's cognitive 
development, practices and methods of auditory 

Check out our keynote lectures and keynote workshops :


You want to join? Check our call for submissions. 
Your proposals will be double blind peer reviewed 
by our 
committee: <http://international-media-culture.eu/global-composition-2018/call-for-submissions>http://international-media-culture.eu/global-composition-2018/call-for-submissions

All accepted papers will be published in our 
conference proceedings. The conference is 
organized by the Research Centre for Digital 
Communication and Media Innovation (Darmstadt 
UAS), the Master's program International Media 
Cultural Work (Darmstadt UAS), and endorsed by 
the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

We'll, too, have panel discussions and open 
workshops to discuss acoustic ecology's future 
and generational change, in terms of social aims, 
contents and foci, educational approaches, 
intellectual frameworks, artistic methods, 
political strategies etc.

  Within the conference's framework, we welcome 
scholarly, scientific and artistic submissions 
from the whole field connecting acoustic ecology 
and media culture, including the topic of 
facilitation and education. We encourage the 
latter to go beyond notions which identify 
education merely as the instruction of a subject 
mastery, but instead understand it as implying to 
a large extent individual and communal maturation 
aspects as well as aspects of the formation and 
strengthening of a personality, group or culture. 
In this sense, the Latin root of education, 
educere, means to lead forth; the Latin root of 
culture, colere, means to plant and foster. Both 
focus on sustainability.

  We'll also be inquiring about the major aspects 
of the generational change in acoustic ecology 
and Soundscape Studies as well as the role of new 
audio technologies and Augmented/Virtual Reality 
as facilitators of auditory awareness. 

The broad spectrum of our call is supposed to 
bring together a diversity of approaches to the 
following suggested topics and beyond:
1. Ecological awareness and the furthering of listening
2. Listening, and the ecology of the senses
3. Media critique and listening
4. Methods and notions of listening
5. Educational approaches based on soundscape listening
6. Intercultural and diversity based approaches 
to soundscape and acoustic ecology facilitation
7. Acoustic ecology, media culture and gender
8. Further developments of soundscape and 
Acoustic Ecology facilitation in order to meet 
recent or future necessities and desiderata
9. Experiences with official curricula of 
soundscape and/or acoustic ecology education
10. Auditory media aesthetic education for the 
elderly/for socially marginalized groups
11. Soundscape education/facilitation for youths between the age of 12 and 20
12. Sound(scape) design in media and urban space, 
and its influence on the furthering of a 
listening culture
13. Soundscape's role in media culture and cultural media
14. Strategic cultural aspects of listening in media aesthetic education
15. Aspects of politics in soundscape education/facilitation
16. New audio technologies and Augmented/Virtual 
Reality as facilitators of auditory awareness
17. Critique and perspectives of the 
technologization of listening/soundmaking in 
respect to an auditory media culture

Infos and 
newsletter: <http://international-media-culture.eu/global-composition-2018>http://international-media-culture.eu/global-composition-2018 

Join, share & like us on 
facebook: <https://www.facebook.com/The-Global-Composition-2018-229062201006840/>https://www.facebook.com/The-Global-Composition-2018-229062201006840/ 


Prof. Sabine Breitsameter
Sound und Medienkultur/Sound and Media Culture
Leitung/Director of Master International Media Cultural Work (IMC)
Soundscape- & Environmental Media Lab/3D Audio and Fulldome Media Research

Fachbereich Media/Department of Media
Hochschule Darmstadt/Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences 
Mediencampus Dieburg
Max Planck-Str. 2
64807 Dieburg, Germany


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