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METASITU future at metasitu.com
Fri Dec 7 22:33:01 CET 2018

project by METASITU
commissioned by DAS ESSZIMMER - space for art+ (Bonn, GER)


FOUNDATION is a proposal for a new community formed by strangers, 
that will build its own space and its own bonds. In seven days. 
Without communicating with the outside world. Without leaving the 

FOUNDATION invites artists, curators, architects and/or researchers 
dealing with urban issues in their practice, to take part. Four 
participants will be selected by a jury from the pool of applications.

FOUNDATION will award each selected participant ('founder') with a 
travel grant to cover their transport costs to DAS ESSZIMMER - space 
for art+ in Bonn (GER), provide food for the duration of the event, 
as well as some production material, and offer an artist fee to each 

FOUNDATION will lead to an exhibition consisting on the material 
generated by the 'founders' during the week, as well as the video 
documentation gathered. The exhibition will open to the public from 
February 14th - April 14th at DAS ESSZIMMER - space for art+.


Deadline: 15th December 23:59 CET

We don't know our neighbors by name - most of the times, we don't 
even know how they look like. Yet, through social media, we are 
extremely familiar with the dietary habits of someone who we have 
never met, and is oceans apart from us. They might not even know we 
exist, but we feel we are part of their tribe - One of the many 
tribes we belong to.

Historically, our 'tribe' was defined by a specific territory: a 
landscape inhabited by people who shared rituals, myths, a language, 
and a zeitgeist. As communities expanded, accommodating larger 
numbers of people, new group formations appeared; new affiliations; 
new tribes, and sub-tribes.

Today, as a species, we might be living in denser, and more 
concentrated nodes, but human communities, more than ever, are 
transcending geographies, and basing affiliation on a series of 
shared references: creating connections with fellow humans through 
what we consume, keeping in touch with lovers scattered across the 
globe, or joining the diaspora fan-base community of an idol. 
Telecommunication technologies, the development of transport 
infrastructure, and global capitalism inform the way we relate to one 
another through our consumption: Apple Inc, Veganism, Cross fit, 
World of Warcraft, Burning Man, RuPaul's Drag Race, Universal Church, 
Fablabs, Mileage Cards, and Manchester United. New affiliations. New 

Communities of practice, bonds over a shared experience, or solid 
consumer identities, that establish sets of values, cultural 
references, rituals, and networks for communication; framing our 
habitus, our everyday, yet atomized across the world.

These new identitory frameworks are doubtlessly more fluid than 
previous models, but also require us to reconsider the notion of 
citizenship and the city; of belonging, and the territory.

How do we build community? How can we bond? What are the foundational 
elements for affiliation? How do we establish kinship beyond the 
capitalist and telecommunication frameworks? How do we erect a built 
environment that responds to that?

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