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Documenta 14

Report / June 29, 2017
Learning from Athens / Kassel 

Is Greece a metaphor? Two months after the opening of Documenta 14 in Athens, the Kassel edition followed with the still-unanswered question of what we learn, have learned, are learning from Athens. It figures a lossy, allegorical Greece: a field in which critical narratives about global dispossession, austerity, migration, historical democracy, historical fascism and cultural production might alternately be thought through and acted out.

by Tess Edmonson

News / June 7, 2017
Monika Szewczyk and Hendrik Folkerts on Documenta 14 

Documenta 14 in Kassel will open to the public on June 10, 2017. Flash Art spoke to curators Monika Szewczyk and Hendrik Folkerts about some of the themes in this edition and the challenges of presenting a show in two such profoundly different cities as Athens and Kassel.

by William Kherbek

News / May 9, 2017
Midnight in Athens 

Televised on the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) since last December and continuing through the end of Documenta 14 in September 2017, the film program “Keimena” (literally “Texts”), curated by Hila Peleg and Vassily Bourikas, represents one of a number of ways in which the exhibition has sought to embed itself within national Greek discourse.

by Alex Estorick

Report / May 1, 2017 
More than Documenta / Athens

A city associated with economic troubles and reverence for ancient culture, Athens isn’t known as an epicenter for contemporary art. And yet, during the opening of Documenta 14, the local art scene grabbed the opportunity to make an impression.

by Zoe Cooper

Report / April 24, 2017
Condemned to Roam, Without Repose 

“We will fail. But we will try.” Wandering through the streets of Athens, I read these words in the much-leafed-through pages of my About Documenta 14 pamphlet. The words rightly address the difficulty of harnessing coherent, critical agency amid such a mega exhibition.

by Louisa Elderton

News / April 12, 2017
Every Time a Ear di Soun 

Released in 1984, the video for Queen’s single “Radio Ga Ga” places the medium of radio in the semiotic ecology of early modernism. Freddie Mercury’s lyrics, complete with references to the “wars of worlds” and the “old time stars,” not to mention the video’s borrowing of imagery from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927), create an unmistakable aura of nostalgia around radio’s cultural position.

by William Kherbek

News / March 8, 2017
Exercise of Freedom

Several months before the official opening of Documenta 14, which has chosen Athens as a forum alongside Kassel in Germany, last September saw its inauguration with “The Parliament of Bodies” in Athens’s Parko Eleftherias (translated as Freedom Park).

by Andrew Spyrou

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