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TRANScuratorial Academy Mumbai
Law transacts, even if invisibly so, with affective figures such as 
the insider, the outsider, the guest and the stranger. How does the 
law produce, visibilize or invisibilize these relational figures, and 
what would it mean to legally foreground these figures and the 
conceptual universes they inhabit at a time when there could not be a 
greater demand for legal hospitality even as we are witness to the 
greatest forms of legal inhospitality? The Muslim ban promulgated by 
the Trump administration is just one instance of the challenge we 
face. If the law has been inherently spatial and territorial, where 
then to turn to if we are to articulate a radical politics of 
belonging: is the Kantian ideal of a cosmopolitan right to 
hospitality a solution or only a bigger problem in her liberal times? 
In this talk, which is by way of a set of exploratory wanderings, I 
shall set up a few problems of thinking of the overlap between law, 
hostility and hospitality.

Lawrence Liang is a professor of law at the School of Law, Governance 
and Citizenship at Ambedkar University Delhi. A founder of 
Alternative Law Forum, a collective of public interest, Lawrence's 
work and interests lie at the intersection of law and culture. He has 
also collaborated with groups such as Sarai Delhi and Camp in Mumbai 
on research and archival initiatives.

The TRANScuratorial Academy (TCA) is an initiative of the foundation 
KfW Stiftung with the aim of advancing international knowledge 
transfer, networking and the development of the transcultural and 
transdisciplinary curatorial discourse. Conceived and directed by 
Beatrice von Bismarck and Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, the TCA brings 
together emerging curators and internationally renowned experts in a 
mobile format, focusing on key issues which gained urgency within 
contemporary curatorial practice under the conditions of 
globalization. By inviting Lawrence Liang as the keynote speaker for 
the TCA Mumbai, the project follows its aim to introduce vital terms 
from neighboring disciplines to the curatorial discourse. Encounters 
and discussions with protagonists of the local curatorial scene are a 
further important part of the TCA. The academy is structured in three 
chapters, each of which extends over five days and is centered on a 
keyword: Mumbai is the location of the second chapter which will 
discuss the question of "hospitality" in relation to the curatorial, 
the first one took place in Berlin in May 2017 and reflected on 
"entangled histories," the third one will be Phnom Penh in 2018, 
focussing on "untranslatability."

A project by KfW Stiftung in collaboration with Goethe-Institut / Max 
Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai.

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai
K. Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda
Mumbai 400 001 India



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