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>The Spectacle 2.0: Reading Debord in the Context of Digital Capitalism
>Edited by Marco Briziarelli and Emiliana Armano
>  The Spectacle 2.0 recasts Debord's theory of 
>spectacle within the frame of 21st-century 
>digital capitalism. It offers a reassessment of 
>Debord's original notion of Spectacle from the 
>late 1960s, of its posterior revisitation in the 
>1990s, and it presents a reinterpretation of the 
>concept within the scenario of contemporary 
>informational capitalism and more specifically 
>of digital and media labour. It is argued that 
>the Spectacle 2.0 form operates as the 
>interactive network that links through one 
>singular (but contradictory) language and 
>various imaginaries, uniting diverse productive 
>contexts such as logistics, finance, new media 
>and urbanism. Spectacle 2.0 thus colonizes most 
>spheres of social life by processes of 
>commodification, exploitation and reification.
>   Diverse contributors consider the topic within 
>the book's two main sections: Part I 
>conceptualizes and historicizes the Spectacle in 
>the context of informational capitalism; 
>contributions in Part II offer empirical cases 
>that historicise the Spectacle.
>   All contributions included in this book rework 
>the category of the Spectacle to present a 
>stimulating compendium of theoretical critical 
>literature. In the era of the gig-economy, 
>highly mediated content and President Trump, 
>Debord's concept is arguably more relevant than 
>Table of Contents
>1. Preface: Guy Debord, Donald Trump, and the Politics of the Spectacle
>Douglas Kellner
>2. Introduction: From the Notion of Spectacle to 
>Spectacle 2.0: The Dialectic of Capitalist 
>Marco Briziarelli and Emiliana Armano
>Part I: Conceptualizing The Spectacle
>3. The Integrated Spectacle: Towards the Aesthetic Capitalism
>Vanni Codeluppi
>4. Guy Debord, a Critique of Modernism and Fordism: What Lessons for Today?
>Olivier Frayssé
>5. The Spectacle of New Media: Addressing the 
>Conceptual Nexus Between User Content and 
>Raffaele Sciortino and Steve Wright
>6. Spectacle and the Singularity: Debord and the 
>'Autonomous Movement of Non-Life' in Digital 
>Clayton Rosati
>Part II: Phenomenology and Historicisation of 
>the Spectacle: from Debord to the Spectacle 2.0
>7. Rio de Janeiro: Spectacularization and Subjectivities in Globo's city
>Barbara Szaniecki
>8. Data Derives: Confronting Digital Geographic Information as Spectacle
>Jim Thatcher and Craig M. Dalton
>9. Branding, Selfbranding, Making: The 
>Neototalitarian Relation Between Spectacle and 
>Prosumers in the Age of Cognitive Capitalism
>Nello Barile
>10. Tin Hat Games - Producing, Funding, and 
>Consuming an Independent Role-Playing Game in 
>the Age of the Interactive Spectacle
>Chiara Bassetti, Maurizio Teli, Annalisa Murgia
>11. "Freelancing" as Spectacular Free labour: a 
>Case Study on Indipendent Journalists in Romania
>Romina Surugiu
>12. Immaterial Labour and Reality TV: The Affective Surplus of Excess
>Jacob Johanssen
>13. Disrupting the Spectacle: The Case of Capul 
>TV During and After Turkey's Gezi Uprising
>Ergin Bulut and Haluk Mert Bal
>Open access book:       
>co.uk/site/books/10.16997/book 11/
>al-digital-and-social-media- studies/

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