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feliz navidad!



Noemata is excited to invite artists and film-makers to participate in this first edition of One-Off Festival!
We're looking for 1 second moving images on the theme of 'Home is...'.

All movies will be screened during the festival February 19-25, 2018 in public, urban spaces in Valencia, Spain, in addition to the net.
A selection, possibly of all, of the movies will also be screening in parallel at 60Seconds Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In addition, all movies will be included in the next Leap Second Festival, an irregular x-ennale lasting one second.

One-Off will award two selected videos a symbolic prize:
Jury Award: 1500 NOK.
Audience Award: 800 NOK.
(If at the time of the festival we have gathered support and funds we'll raise the award amounts accordingly).

Deadline for participation: February 1, 2018.

1 second short
original material
no credits
about: HOME IS...
4x3 aspect ratio, mp4/gif formats 

Submission and contact: one-off at noemata.net

Be sure to also check out 60Seconds Festival's open call for 1 minute movies. Their awards are much better!

For more information, continue reading...

Theme for the 2018 festival:
Keywords: Habitat, safety, homesick, refuge, the right to a home, migration, homeless, retreat, the making of a home, precarity, technology-induced precarity, material or psychological welfare or lack of it.

Home provides shelter, security and the shield from where we can look at the world. Homes are an integral part of complex social structures, adapting and taking form after cultural and geographical environments.
Everyday millions from around the world are forced to flee their homes, some search for a new safe haven holding on to the figth of building new lives elsewhere, others accept their new situation becoming a paradox of the world's metropolis.

What does home mean on the net? A virtual environment in which we are neither here nor there, and always on the other side of the screen. What is a virtual home?
How does technology empower or impoverish a sense of safety and belonging? Or coupled with a globalization without borders, and another one with walls? Or privacy-intrusing surveillance and tracking? Compatible with a home?
The awkwardness of a one second movie about home emphasizes a strained relation between technology and precarity. How pervasive technology allows for a self-precarization, a return to a nomadic or possibly dislocated way of life, a hunter-gatherer of jobs, money, material or general welfare. Are we satisfied carrying our homes with us? A recent study showed that teenagers would prefer breaking an arm to breaking their smart phone.
The one second format is almost like an empty message, like the snapchat 'streak' - a meaningless, random image just serving to keep the daily communication going. And not unlike the computer-command ping, meant to check whether the network and destination is alive. It reminds of the obsolete 'HERE IS'-key on old computers or teleprinters, it identified you on a network once you pressed the key.
The home key on an english keyboard today, mostly brings you to the start of a document, the top of a page, in a sense, to the start of your own history as a human browser - home as your starting point. But where are you when you hit the end key - have you come home like you would in real life - home as also an end point? Where are we at the end of history? With our knowledge and consciousness of an ultimate end to ourselves and the world, does it make home an even more cherished notion, in spite of its impossibility? A tiny flash in the dark? But when you _are_ that flash, it makes a difference, to be what you are, a perspective from home, a 'here is'-message, no beginning, no end.

About the festival:
One-Off Moving Image Festival is collaborating with 60Seconds Festival for call, theme, movies and screenings, and both festivals run in parallel February 19-25 (Monday-Sunday) 2018. We'll be sharing the works so the screenings will be a mix of 1 minute and 1 second movies. One-Off will focus on virtual screenings using routers and wireless technology, while 60Secs will make physical screenings using projectors. We both use public, urban settings as the exhibition space.

One-Off is an offspring of the Leap Second Festival, an x-ennale lasting one second (three former editions 2012, 2015, 2016/2017). Since the leap seconds are inserted into clock-time irregularly we wanted in addition to have a yearly festival of one second movies, also to be able to run in parallel with 60Secs festival. 60Secs on their side has more than ten years of experience in organizing screenings of short movies in public (streets, walls, metro).

In autumn 2017 Leap Second Festival and 60Secs collaborated on 6 screenings in Europe consisting of movies from both, with the practise of mixing short and ultra-short movies. More info. This in turn lead up to the establishment of the One-Off festival. We're running it without funds for the moment, in line with a 'streak'/'here is'-format and the theme of home, technology, precarity.

Jury for One-Off Festival 2018: To be announced.

Website: http://noemata.net/one-off/

Looking forward to your participation!



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