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Last weekend, on the occasion of the Open Fields 
conference & RIXC festival, we also presented our 
newly published book "OPEN FIELDS - Art and 
Science Research Practices in the Network 
Society", which came out as volume no. 15, in the 
Acoustic Space, peer-reviewed book & journal 

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OPEN FIELDS. Art and Science Research Practices in the Network Society
Acoustic Space, Vol. 15
Edited by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Armin Medosch
RIXC: Riga, September 29, 2016


The Open Fields volume presents artistic research 
that is located in the contested territory 
between academic knowledge production and 
independent creative practices. Open Fields is 
constituting the interwoven  histories of art and 
science in the digital age, whereby investigating 
the changing role of art in network society. Open 
Fields claims that art with its transformative 
potential, critical, investigative as well as 
symbolic and aesthetic qualities, is among those 
disciplines that are capable to reflect upon 
current realities, complexity of our society, 
facing challenges of our time.

We are proposing to look at those Fields from 
different perspectives, dedicating one section to 
studies from Eastern European and North. But this 
regional focus also comes with a different 
intellectual orientation to discourses which 
leave the safe zone of disciplinary academia 
behind and engage with Open Fields: with the 
interchanges and crossings between practices 
which are barely sustained by one discipline 

With the Fields exhibition in 2014 we have opened 
multiple conversations about how art can not only 
criticize and thereby provide a mirror for 
society, but how it can also more directly 
intervene in material and social structures. We 
are now continuing this discussion asking:

How can art and other creative practices 
meaningfully contribute to the environmental, 
technological and scientific challenges of our 

We are raising this question by dedicating the 
first chapter to the contemporary aesthetics and 
its immediate forerunners, starting around 40 
years ago; this is followed by the chapter on 
media art histories in Eastern Europe. The third 
chapter allows bringing together specific issues 
in artistic research with speculative and 
phenomenological, and philosophical questioning. 
And last but not least, the forth chapter gives 
an insight into some of more recent exhibitions 
and art projects in which artists by creating 
"open fields" works are challenging the notion of 
art and contemporary aesthetics. They are moving 
across, bringing together and converging 
different knowledge, various media and diverse 
fields, as well as using scientific, cultural and 
social data as new artistic mediums, and 
interpreting them in a new and meaningful ways.

The book consists from the following sections:

I Early Digital Art And Contemporary Aesthetics In Network Society

II Media Art Histories In Eastern Europe

III Speculative Archeologies: The Open Fields Of Art And Science

IV Transformative Ecologies: From Changing Weathers To Open Fields

The book combines a selection of papers presented 
in the Media Art Histories 2013 Renew conference 
held in Riga, October 8-11, 2013, and visual 
review of Transformative Ecologies exhibitions in 
Mons and Riga (2015). This volume also includes 
new texts - such Christiane's Paul "From Archives 
to Collections: Digital Art In/Out of 
Institutions" which is based on her keynote 
speech delivered at the Open Fields conference, 
taking place in Riga during September 29 - 
November 2, 2016, in the framework of RIXC's 
annual festival. Our festival this year was 
focusing on new aesthetics, contemporary 
conditions, digital practices and the post-media 
situation. Since the first festival took place 
twenty years ago, the festival has grown and 
developed into a larger annual gathering in 
Northern Europe for international scholars and 
artists working at the intersection of arts, 
humanities and science. The Open Fields edition 
aims to present the most innovative approaches in 
artistic research, and to discuss the changing 
role of the arts, their transformative potential, 
and relation to the sciences. 

Authors and contributors:
Christiane Paul, Ernest Edmonds, Jamie Allen And 
Ryan Jordan, Laura Beloff, Rajashree Biswal, Jim 
Boulton, Brogan Bunt, Dana Catona, Ksenia 
Fedorova, Darko Fritz, Simon Hagemann, Roddy 
Hunter, Aleksandra Kaminska, Raivo Kelomees And 
Stacey Koosel, Jung-Yeon Ma, Vytautas 
Michelkeviãius And Lina Michelkeviãò, José A. 
Oliveira, Aneta Panek, Andrew Gryf Paterson, 
David Thomas.

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Available on Amazon.com:
or by ordering directly from RIXC Publishing rixc at rixc.org

More info: http://acousticspacejournal.com

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OPEN FIELDS. Art and Science Research Practices in the Network Society
Edited by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Armin Medosch
Acoustic Space, Vol. 15
Peer-reviewed journal & book series for 
transdisciplinary research on art, science, 
technology and society.
ISSN 1407-2858
ISBN 978-9934-8434-5-7
Published by RIXC, Riga & LiepU MPLab, Liepaja
(RIXC Center for New Media Culture, Riga & 
Liepaja University's Art Research Lab, Liepaja)


7 Introduction by editors - Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Armin Medosch

9 Christiane Paul. From Archives to Collections: 
Digital Art In/Out of Institutions


20 Roddy Hunter. Curating the Network-as-Artwork after Globalisation
30 José A. Oliveira. The Art of Systems and the 
Systems of Art: Theory and Practices
43 Simon Hagemann. Performing the Web: Aspects of 
the Communication Network in Performance
50 Jim Boulton. Error 404 - Why Archive the Web?
55 Darko Fritz. Agents of Social and Political 
Change in the Early Digital Arts from the 
62 Rajashree Biswal. The Politics and Dynamics of 
Web Based Art Practice in India in the Post 1990s
80 Ernest Edmonds. Network Art from the Birth of the Internet to Today


88 Aneta Panek. Ingenious Dillettantes - Night 
Patrol - Punk in Poland. Transgressions, 
subversions and détournements in experimental 
music and cinema in West Berlin, Warsaw and ¸ódê 
in the 1980s
100 Raivo Kelomees, Stacey Koosel. Privacy 
Experiments in Public and Artistic Spaces
111 Dana Catona. Human Body Related Works in 
Performance, Video and New Media - from the '60s 
to the Present in Romania
118 Ksenia Fedorova. Transmediality, 
Transliteracy, Transduction and Aesthetics of the 
Technological Sublime
129 Vytautas Michelkeviãius, Lina Michelkeviãò. 
Unwritten Histories of Extinct Media Art in 
Lithuania: From the 2000s of Great Promise to the 
Multidirectional 2010s
143 Andrew Gryf Paterson. Reflections on Soil Future(s), Past(s) and Present(s)


158 Laura Beloff. Art as A Playground for Evolution
165 Jung-Yeon Ma. Renewing the Story of the CTG: 
Haruki Tsuchiya's Research on Energy
172 David Thomas. The Crystal Stereoscope: The 
Architectural Reconstruction of Modern Vision
177 Jamie Allen, Ryan Jordan. Signal Aesthetics. Stroboscopic Arts and Sciences
200 Aleksandra Kaminska. Audible Walls, Breathing 
Vaults, and the Fantastic Sites of Re-Imagination
211 Brogan Bunt. Cutting Sections from Cars: at the Medial Margins of Media Art


223 Transformative Ecologies. North Creative Network Initiative and Exhibitions
237 Open Fields. The Exhibition and Conference / RIXC Art Science Festival 2016
252 Changing Weathers. Networked Responses to 
Geophysical, Geopolitical and Technological 
Shifts Across Europe. Collaborative Project

RIXC Publishing / RIXC Center for New Media Culture
Address: Maskavas iela 4, Riga, Latvia, LV 1050
rixc at rixc.org

Support: State Cultural Capital Foundation / 
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Latvia / 
Co-Funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the 
European Union, in the framework of Changing 
Weathers project http://changingweathers.com



Dr Rasa Smite
Artist and Founding Director of RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture in Riga,
Assoc. Prof. in New Media Art at Liepaja University,
Chief Editor of Acoustic Space, peer-reviewed book & journal series
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