[artinfo] New Tendencies

Armin Medosch armin at easynet.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 16:10:58 CEST 2016

new book  of
Armin Medosch
writer, artist and curator

New Tendencies
Art at the Threshold of the Information Revolution (1961 - 1978)

MIT Press.

New Tendencies, a nonaligned modernist art movement, emerged in the
early 1960s in the former Yugoslavia, a nonaligned country. It
represented a new sensibility, rejecting both Abstract Expressionism
and socialist realism in an attempt to formulate an art adequate to
the age of advanced mass production.

In this book, Armin Medosch examines the development of New Tendencies
as a major international art movement in the context of social,
political, and technological history. Doing so, he traces concurrent
paradigm shifts: the change from Fordism (the political economy of
mass production and consumption) to the information society, and the
change from postwar modernism to dematerialized postmodern art


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