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>From: Héctor Huerga <<mailto:hectorhuerga at gmail.com>hectorhuerga at gmail.com>
>Subject: Active Democracy workshop in Barcelona
>Date: March 8, 2016 at 14:29:43 GMT+2
><mailto:ceemeeting2015 at krytykapolityczna.pl>ceemeeting2015 at krytykapolityczna.pl
>Invitation: Active Democracy workshop will be 
>taking place in Barcelona from Thursday April 
>28th to Sunday May 1st
>We are Emma and David, Spanish activists from 
>Barcelona, engaged in the socio-political 
>transformation that is going down here ;)
>We are collaborating with NEON 
>as co-organisers of this workshop, that will be 
>bringing together activists and social-political 
>actors from across Europe to connect and learn 
>about each other's struggles; sharing ideas and 
>learning about how the new wave of social 
>movements in Europe organise.
>Active Democracy workshop will be taking place 
>in Barcelona from Thursday April 28th to Sunday 
>May 1st, in various different venues that are 
>activist hotspots in the city. A great 
>opportunity to make contact with Spanish social 
>movements and know more about the new political 
>proposals, such as BarcelonaEnComú or Podemos.
>In this four day skills' workshop, we will 
>exchange with actors working for political 
>change who are rethinking the way they engage 
>with other social movements and with citizens. 
>This will be a space for those using innovative 
>digital tools to organise, communicate, mobilise 
>and promote participation and for those who 
>have organised creatively with large numbers of 
>people in political causes and have done so with 
>consistent and aligned values. More infos 
>here <http://neweconomyorganisers.org/europe/>http://neweconomyorganisers.org/europe/
>Here's what you need to know:
>We're looking for activists and social-political actors from across Europe 
>This will be a chance to talk ideas, tactics and potentially work together
>There are bursaries available to attend, including travel if you need it 
>The deadline for applications is 11PM (CET) on March 30th, 2016
>Because this is a European training we are keen 
>to receive applications from a diversity of 
>regions and organising groups. 
>We would love you to apply to the workshop, or 
>whom your collective decides on, and spread the 
>word in your networks!
>here <http://bit.ly/1Tk8C2o>http://bit.ly/1Tk8C2o or 
>send this email on! 
>If you have any questions about any of 
>this, please feel free to get in touch with:
>Avilés <mailto:emma.av.th at gmail.com>emma.av.th at gmail.com or 
>Villota <mailto:unpocodepaz at riseup.net>unpocodepaz at riseup.net (Barcelona 
>or Elena 
>Silvestrini <mailto:elena at neweconomyorganisers.org>elena at neweconomyorganisers.org or 
>(UK organiser).
>That deadline once again is 11PM (CET) on March 30th.
>Look forward to hearing from you!
>All the best, 
>Emma Avilés.

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