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From: Horea Avram <horea.avram at gmail.com>

Call for projects


Revisiting, remixing, renegading DADA - A (pseudo)manifesto for the 21 century

In 1916, Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, Marcel Iancu, Emmy Hennings ?i
Richard Huelsenbeck established the DADA movement in Cabaret Voltaire in
Zürich.DADA remained in history as the most radical avant-garde movement.
DADAprogrammatically attacked the establishment, institutions and tradition
while embracing nihilism, radical criticism, and a strong desire to
offend and shock the public. DADA was short-lived, but its impact remains

The exhibition aims to investigate, one hundred years after, the Dadaist
legacy, the persistence and actuality of DADA models and, at the same time,
the way in which these artistic and theoretical models are reevaluated and
revisited in contemporary artistic production. Re:DADA is at the same
time an opportunity to bring a tribute to the movement (through a deferent
reading, close revaluations and historical recuperation) and to critically
relate to it (through contestations, appropriations and irony).

This project considers works that engages directly or indirectly the DADA
spirit and practice, with no restrictions in what concerns conceptual
dimension, medium or technique. Preference will be given to works that
propose a radical and provoking stance, dedicated to either indoor or
outdoor spaces.

venue: Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca

Period: 13 May 2016 ? 15 June 2016

Project  should contain:

-a short statement (maximum 300 words)

-a short CV (3 pages maximum)

-visual material: up to 5 images of your work / 
project draft / video (3 minutes maximum)

-production needs: materials, tools and/or equipments

-cost estimate (including expenses related to 
production, transportation, fees etc.)

A committee will select the artists and the proposed works.

Please send your proposal at the following addresses:

redada at mail.com

danbreaz at yahoo.com

avramgarde at gmail.com

Deadline:  24.01.2016

Curators: Horea Avram, Dan Breaz

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