[artinfo] A Travelling Artist Residency Year Two 2016-17

Palii Anastasia paliianastasia at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 15:34:38 CET 2016

Twenty-Three Days at Sea: A Travelling Artist Residency
Year Two 2016-17

Submission Deadline: Monday, February 15, 2016

Find all information 
here: <http://accessgallery.ca/submissions/>http://accessgallery.ca/submissions/

Access Gallery, in partnership with Burrard Arts Foundation, invites 
submissions for the second year of its Travelling Artist Residency 
Program, Twenty-Three Days at Sea. Twenty-Three Days at Sea grants 
selected emergent visual artists passage aboard cargo ships sailing 
from Vancouver, Canada to Shanghai. Crossing the Pacific Ocean takes 
approximately twenty-three days, during which time the artist will be 
considered "in residence" aboard the vessel.

There are many hundreds of residency programs worldwide. Twenty-Three 
Days at Sea follows the "aberrant" turn in artist residencies, in 
that it imposes specific conditions and constraints (the strictures 
of the port; the solitude of the freighter cabin; the expanse of the 
open sea) that will, in turn shape artists' ideas and work. It offers 
the opportunity to integrate critical and creative practices into a 
new set of parameters, and the potential of challenging established 
routines, activities and assumptions. At its base, Twenty-Three Days 
at Sea asks artists to question what constitutes creative space, and 
to consider how time is experienced over the highly charged, yet 
largely invisible, spatial trajectory of a trans-Pacific shipping 
route. It offers a profoundly generative time and space-in the 
unconventional studio space of the cargo ship cabin-for focused 
research and the creation of provocative new ideas and work.

For the 2016-17 year, successful candidates will sail on separate 
freighters between the months of June and September, 2016.

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