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Tue Dec 20 09:13:01 CET 2016

BECC Toolkit for cultural centres professionals... and not only!

BECC Toolkit by the European Network of Cultural Centres intends to 
support the mobility of cultural leaders and guide their learning 

We witness and experience everyday dynamic changes around us 
stimulated by social, environmental and economic challenges. We 
experience now, perhaps more than ever, how global factors influence 
the local context, and inversely, we can observe new forms of society 
from our communities, nurturing the local vs. global relationship. 
Cultural organisations: cultural centres, museums, libraries, and 
heritage sites play a crucial role in these dynamics that ultimately 
affect in people's lives. In this vibrant ecosystem, leadership and 
management skills have never been more important. Therefore we, 
cultural managers, work together to identify
the essential skills that will allow us to better respond to current 
and prospective new dynamics and design innovative ways to acquire 
these skills and improve the learning processes. We believe also that 
this common effort is more effective at a transnational level as 
innovative solutions can arise from exchanges between professionals 
evolving in different cultural
environments. This Toolkit intends to support the mobility of 
cultural leaders and guide their learning experience. Once you decide 
going abroad for your cultural mobility, this toolkit will guide you 
in planning it and achieve a successful professional story.

On the Move contributed to the section: Why going international? 
Where to find a mobility for me?

Read the online toolkit and share it!


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