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Wed Dec 7 23:55:45 CET 2016

Call for submissions:

A Secret Rancour - Notions of Ressentiment,

a museum exhibition in Eupen, Belgium (theme show)

Deadline: December 9, 2016

opening: January 22nd, 2017

The ikob - Museum of Contemporary Art is selecting photo, video-art, 
installation/sculpture and painting art works to include in the next 
exhibition: A Secret Rancour - Notions of Ressentiment which will be 
hosted from January 25 to April 23, 2017.

Artists are invited to submit a clear and concise documentation of a 
single work or a body of work (a photo series, for example) in 
connection with the exhibition theme.

You may use any means of description of your work - a single image, a 
series of images, a video or video stills, a short text, a direct 
link to the intended work (sub page) on a web site - anything. It 
just has to serve the understanding of your work by us, the 
recipients and curators.

While we have only a small amount time or concentration in reviewing 
the submissions, you will have very little work preparing your 
submission. Just send what you have already available by email (up to 
5Mb) or via a file sharing link.

The work or works you propose must meet these two criteria:
- first, quality (the work/s should be strong and multi-layered)
- second, correspondency with the theme of the exhibition (the 
artwork/s must fit to the exhibition's theme).

Exhibition theme:
A Secret Rancor - Notions of Ressentiment

Ressentiment at first glance means a stereotype - a negative image I 
may have of somebody else or of a particular group of people. Yet 
looking closer a ressentiment is really an emotion or an attitude 
which grows in the shadow of an experienced defeat, indignity or 
submission, be it real or imaginary. It is this unbalanced relation 
between the inferior and the superior that nurtures ressentiments 
between individuals but also between language groups, specific 
religious groups or whole nations.
The topic of this exhibition is today most acute, at times where 
autoritarianism and nationalism are escalating almost everywhere.

Send your work documentation as soon as possible and as late as 
December 9 to ikob - Museum of Contemporary Art to the adress of 
Frank-Thorsten Moll, <mailto:moll at ikob.be>moll at ikob.be and Friedemann 
Hoerner, <mailto:hoerner at ikob.be>hoerner at ikob.be

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