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Call for entries
Deadline: 30 September 2015

a show for Peace - a show for Humanity
artists show face against
Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism
exhibition project 2016/2017

is looking for artists who show face!!

2006/2007, the Cologne based media artist and curator Wilfried 
Agricola de Cologne was realising the exhibition project
://selfportrait - a Show for Bethlehem - a show for Peace
in Palestine (Bethlehem), Italy (Naples) , Poland (Szczecin) and 
Argentina (Santa Fe & Rosario)

The documentation and the online part of this project - are now 
relaunched online on - http://self.engad.org

There are good reasons to do so, because - 10 years later in 
2016/2017, I would like to realise another exhibition featuring 
artists showing face via their selfportraits - this time against 
Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia and Antisemitism.

During the years 1995-1998, Agricola de Cologne was realising the 
Memorial Project
"A Virtual Memorial - Memorial project against the Forgetting, 
Racism, Xenophobia & Ant-Semitism
http://alm.a-virtual-memorial.org, which has been presented 43 times 
in Poland, Germany, Czech Republik and Belgium.

We live currently in a world which is marked by nationalistic, 
fundamentalist political developments and an increasing intolerance 
and inhumanity against different minded, people coming from different 
cultures, practicing different religions, following different 
ideologies, refugees, persecuted and expelled who need the solidarity 
of those who are able to show solidarity - think of the refugee 
desaster in the Mediterranean, IS terror in Middle East, Africa , 
Asia or Ukraine - think of the political nationalist right wing 
movements in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany or elsewhere - 
threatening our democracy and its values, but also the diversity of 
our natural habitat in an era of dramatically vanishing species and 
the misuse of the Creation by the humans on Earth.

A society is as good as how it treats its minorities, the poor and 
weak and all those needing our protection.

Artists are invited to show face in favour of a society practicing 
humanity and solidarity by submitting a selfportrait which may be 
executed in different artistic media, and
participate in the new exhibition to be planned for 2016/2017 to be 
presented in different venues and countries

://self~imaging - a show for Peace - a show for Humanity
artists show face against Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism


More details und regulations on

artvideoKOELN international
directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
artvideokoeln (at) gmail.com

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