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An art transport beyond Europe's bounderies in October 2015

 From Munich to Kiev in three weeks: Munich artist traveling with the 
"Export World Champion" Munich, September 2015 - On October 3, the 
artist Christian Schnurer launches an expedition project from Munich 
to Eastern Europe. End on October 23. Kiev, the route leads through 
Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

"My goal is the newly erected barriers to cross at Europe's borders 
and to provide the means of artistic action, asking the burning 
questions about nationalism and imperialism, military and capital, 
freedom and homeland security - a quater century after taring down 
the Wall." said Schnurer.

The centerpiece is the sculpture "Export World Champion", a Trabant 
601 S built in 1985 with the dropping tank of a Russian jet as a roof 
load. The artist declaered and packed the tank as an artwork and 
publicly transports it on the roof rack. For the stages he invites 
colleagues, curators and chance acquaintances from different 
countries to ride with him and to speak about the current situation 
in their homelands. His passangers show the artist outstanding places 
of national identity to install the transported good infront of the 
historical backdrop.

Endpoint of "Ostexport" will be Kiev. Where a cooperation project in 
public space with the Ukrainian photographer Igor Gaidai will take 
place. The German filmmaker Lorenz Kloska accompanied and documented 
transportation. The Projekt is supported by the Goethe Institute Kiew.

The action is documented www.ostexport.eu continuously on the website.

Christian Schnurer Halle6, Dachauerstr 112d 80636 Mu_nchen,
www.halle6.net - info at halle6.net - mobil ++49179 1282025
weblinks: www.ostexport.eu www.christian-schnurer.de 
www.smell-of-revolution.com www.fotogaidai.org

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