[artinfo] Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes

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Mon Nov 16 10:06:04 CET 2015

Art Motile is very happy to announce the release of its new publication,

AIR Array: Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes.

AIR Array: Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes is a compilation
of content developed during the event AIR ARRAY: Meeting of Artist in
Residence Programmes and Mobility Workshop for Artists which was held at
Matadero Madrid and Casa de Velázquez - Académie de France à Madrid in
March 2015.

The publication features summaries of activities which took place over the
three days of the event as well as essays further exploring the key issues
raised. Topics covered include:

ï Practical advice for setting up and successfully running a residency
ï How residencies can communicate their activities effectively
ï How artists, residencies, and anyone else involved in culture can
approach the phenomenon of AIR programmes from an ethical point of view
ï What position AIR programmes have in relation to the rest of the
contemporary art ecosystem
ï Advice for artists thinking of participating in an AIR programme, or
starting their own
ï Practical tools and links for anyone conducting research on or those
wishing to learn more about mobility opportunities for artists

We hope that this publication will be a valuable source of ideas and
perspectives for anyone involved in the fields of art and culture,
including artists and those working in or researching the residency scene,
and that it will serve as a compendium of useful information for further

You can download the publication for free in English here and in Spanish
here (PDF file, 71 MB approx).

See more at:

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