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Sat Nov 14 13:59:00 CET 2015

From: Sara England <sara at kapsula.ca>
Date: Sep 25, 2015
Subject: CFP: Kapsula, Issue: Good Measure

Deadline: Dec 4, 2015

German conceptual artist Hanne Darboven is best known for her 
impenetrable, large-scale grids, equations, and number games. These 
are subjective equations for navigating her world, making no claim to 
universality-an approach her mathematical counterparts might balk at. 
Our investigations in GOOD MEASURE align with Darboven's interest in 
using numerical data to express a world-view, highlighting that even 
in a realm where black and white seem to be the only options, the 
infinitude of language persists.

For our next quarterly theme, KAPSULA Magazine will look at art 
practices that generate work from calculative process. Perhaps not 
commonly associated with art-making, the business of computation 
nonetheless has a long history with artists. From Leonardo's 
Vitruvian man to Roman Opalka's number paintings, low-tech 
number-crunching to complex algorithms, the sublime has always 
belonged to two fields: aesthetics and mathematics. Of course, 
sublimity is the stuff of mass sensation, a tasteful excess-and by no 
coincidence, so is GOOD MEASURE.

KAPSULA is seeking papers that teeter on the edge between exactitude 
and infinity, experimenting with the way that raw, numerical 
information acts as process and translation in contemporary art 

Possible topics might include:

The evolution of computational art in the "information age"
Number as an ontological gesture (Alain Badiou)
Algorithmic art and software art (systems-driven art-making)
Information, excess, and a digital or net aesthetic
Locating subjectivity in art that's made through pre-determined calculation
Mathematics as a tool for defining 'taste' in art (remainders of the 
The sensory or bodily impacts of data; the body-as-data
Communicating empathy through numbers, variables, and equations

Submit finished texts or abstracts to submissions at kapsula.ca by 
midnight on Friday December 4th, 2015.

Before sending, we encourage you review our submission guidelines at 

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CFP: Kapsula, Issue: Good Measure. In: H-ArtHist, Sep 25, 2015. 

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