[artinfo] Announcing the launch of Photomediations: An Open Book

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Sun May 10 22:16:04 CEST 2015


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We are pleased to announce the launch of 
Photomediations: An Open Book. The project 
redesigns a coffee-table book as an online 
experience to produce a creative resource that 
explores the dynamic relationship between 
photography and other media. Photomediations: An 
Open Book uses open (libre) content, drawn from 
various online repositories (Europeana, Wikipedia 
Commons, Flickr Commons) and tagged with the 
CC-BY licence and other open licences. In this 
way, the book showcases the possibility of the 
creative reuse of image-based digital resources.

Through a comprehensive introduction and four 
specially commissioned chapters on light, 
movement, hybridity and networks that include 
over 200 images, Photomediations: An Open Book 
tells a unique story about the relationship 
between photography and other media. The book's 
four main chapters are followed by three 'open' 
chapters, which will be populated with further 
content over the next 18 months. The three open 
chapters are made up of a social space, an online 
exhibition and an open reader. A version of the 
reader, featuring academic and curatorial texts 
on photomediations, will be published in a 
stand-alone book form later in 2015, in 
collaboration with Open Humanities Press.

Photomediations: An Open Book's online form 
allows for easy sharing of its content with 
educators, students, publishers, museums and 
galleries, as well as any other interested 
parties. Promoting the socially significant 
issues of 'open access', 'open scholarship' and 
'open education', the project also explores a 
low-cost hybrid publishing model as an 
alternative to the increasingly threatened 
traditional publishing structures.

Photomediations: An Open Book is a collaboration 
between academics from Goldsmiths, University of 
London, and Coventry University. It is part of 
Europeana Space, a project funded by the European 
Union's ICT Policy Support Programme under GA n° 
621037. It is also a sister project to the 
curated online site Photomediations Machine: 

Project team: Professor Joanna Zylinska, Dr 
Kamila Kuc, Jonathan Shaw, Ross Varney, Dr 
Michael Wamposzyc. Project advisor: Professor 
Gary Hall.

Visit Photomediations: An Open Book: http://photomediationsopenbook.net
Follow us on Twitter: @photomediations
For further enquiries please contact: j.zylinska at gold.ac.uk

Professor Joanna Zylinska
Department of Media and Communications
Goldsmiths, University of London

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