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Art Criticism 2.0 Conference


Call for Abstracts

Art Criticism 2.0

A conference organized by the Research Center of 
the Academy of Visual Arts in Prague and Ve˜ra 
Jirousová Award

Prague, 6 November 2015

Confirmed keynote speaker: David Joselit (Graduate Center, CUNY)

It has become an established fact that the rise 
of the social media has had a decisive impact on 
the production and dissemination of art imagery. 
While there has been a lot of talk over the last 
five years of art 'after the internet', that is, 
of art existing in the cultural milieu that takes 
online access as a matter of course, the effects 
of this condition on art criticism have been just 
as dramatic, if perhaps less discussed. The 
privileged places of art-critical exposure - 
catalogue essay, curatorial remarks, broadsheet 
review, glossy art magazine article, academic 
research paper, art-historical monograph, and 
their online versions - have been challenged by 
new means of accessing the art-critical discourse 
('joining the debate'): blog/tumblr entry, tweet, 
youtube video, facebook status/comment. Our 
conference wants to investigate the recent 
configuration of forces and voices within art 
criticism. The questions we seek to answer 

Do recent developments in art production and 
dissemination call for new ways of writing about 

What has been the effect of social media on the 
production and reception of art criticism? Have 
these changes transformed the task of the art 
critic? What is the future of art criticism with 
respect to these phenomena?

What happened to 'post-critical' criticism? And 
to the 'death of the critic'? Are we witnessing a 
return of 'judgemental' criticism?

How (if at all) has the art world power dynamic 
(artist - curator - dealer - critic) shifted over 
the last decade from the perspective of the art 

What are the boundaries of art criticism? Have 
the new means of information sharing given rise 
to new genres of art writing?

Who reads art criticism? What impact does writing 
about art have? How have ways of accessing art 
writing impacted art reception?

We invite critics, curators, artists, academics 
to submit their abstracts of 200 words to 
<mailto:conference at cenavj.cz>conference at cenavj.cz 
by 14 June 2015.

Selection Committee: Václav Magid (Charles 
University, Prague), Jakub Stejskal (Free 
University Berlin)

Notification of acceptance: 5 July 2015. The 
conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic 
(venue to be determined), on 6 November 2015. 
Language of the conference: English. We 
anticipate publication of the papers both in 
English and in Czech translation. For future 
updates regarding venue, program, and travel 
information, please contact 
<mailto:conference at cenavj.cz>conference at cenavj.cz.

<mailto:conference at cenavj.cz>conference at cenavj.cz
Jakub Stejskal
Phone: +49015207093602

Bubenská 1
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic

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