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Tue May 5 12:32:56 CEST 2015

First Research Pavilion

Opening: May 6, 6-9pm

First Research Pavilion 
Sala del Camino
Campo S. Cosmo, Giudecca 621 
(Vaporetto stop: Palanca)
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12-5pm


University of the Arts Helsinki organizes a 
Research Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. 
This first Research Pavilion consists of an 
international contemporary art exhibition and a 
platform for events featuring artistic research. 
Deploying the theme of "Experimentality," the 
dynamic between artistic research and 
contemporary art will be articulated.

The exhibition in the first Research Pavilion 
features artists from Finland and other European 
countries: Tiong Ang & Alejandro Ramirez (The 
Netherlands), Magnus Bärtås (Sweden), 
Henna-Riikka Halonen (Finland), Dirk Hoyer 
(Estonia), Simo Kellokumpu (Finland), Matts 
Leiderstam (Sweden), Antti Nykyri (Finland), 
Maija Närhinen (Finland), Tuula Närhinen 
(Finland), Janis Rafa (Greece), Heli Rekula 
(Finland), and Hito Steyerl (Germany). 

Parallel to the exhibition, the first Research 
Pavilion will host a series of events: lab 
projects, discussions, screenings, interventions, 
seminars and performative situations:

May 6: 6-9pm:
by Chicks on Speed (Melissa Logan, Alex 
Murray-Leslie, Tina Frank, Mathias Brendel and 
Kroot Juurak, starring Richard Bell). Opening 
reception in collaboration with FRAME Visual Art 
Finland and Alvar Aalto Pavilion (after party). 

May 7: "PowerPoint: Instices of Art making and 
Artistic Research" by TAhTO Doctoral Research 
group, University of the Arts Helsinki.

This symposium consists of series of events, 
workshops and performances by the researchers of 
TAhTO throughout the day. These events offer 
reflections on the nature of artistic research 
both on individual and general level. By 
demonstrating fragments of their own artistic 
research the TAhTO group also ponder what were 
their misconceptions and illusions about artistic 
research in early stages and what are the means, 
possibilities and outcomes of the research 

11-13h: SPATIAL-TEXT-SPEECH: Henna-Riikka 
Halonen, Dirk Hoyer, Esa Kirkkopelto and Itay Ziv.
14-16h: BODY-EXPLICIT-RHYTHM: Tero Nauha, Elina 
Lifländer, Julius Elo, and Kirsi Törmi. 
16-17h: MUSIC-NOISE-VOICE: Kiril Kozlovsky, 
Sirkka Kosonen and Pasi Lyytikäinen.


May 8: "Be-Longing: Sense of Belonging in 
relation to Locality and Escapism as Artistic 
Techniques" symposium by Itay Ziv, Doctoral 
student, Academy of Fine Arts, University of the 
Arts Helsinki.

This symposium will deal with questions arising 
from the concept of "belonging" to place, 
nationality, language or identity. The key 
speakers will deal with the issue of "sense of 
belonging" from different and interesting points 
of views; personal perspective, social-political, 
artistic, historical, and will deliver knowledge 
and discussions, referring to their subject.

10:30-11h: Welcome gathering and opening remarks: Itay Ziv 
11-11:45h: "Dreamers' Congress": Pindera Agnieszka (Poland)
noon-12:45h: "Is this my home? What should it 
look like?": Dr. Edna Barromi Perlman (Israel)
13-14h: Lunch
14-15h: "Through my eyes; Belonging and 
identification through the point of view of 
Ibtisam Mara'ana's films": Ibtisam 
Mara'ana-Menuhin (Israel)
15-16h: A workshop, discussions: "Self-Erasing Mechanism": Itay Ziv

More information and comprehensive programme 

During the entire exhibition period the Research 
Pavilion will also harbour a special reading room 
for topical publications in the field of artistic 

Commisioner: Anita Seppä
Curators: Jan Kaila and Henk Slager
Project Coordinator (Pavilion Venice): Seppo Salminen
Technical Support: Sami Kustila
Coordination Academy of Fine Arts: Henri Wegelius and Michaela Bränn
Communication: Laura Manhinnen, Kirsi Korhonen and Evastiina Aho

Press and communication: 
<mailto:eevastiina.aho at uniarts.fi>eevastiina.aho at uniarts.fi

The first Research Pavilion is organized by 
University of the Arts Helsinki, in collaboration 
with EARN (European Artistic Research Network), 
Valand Academy of the Arts (Gothenburg 
University), MaHKU Fine Art (Utrecht University 
of the Arts), GradCAM (Dublin), Università IUAV 
di Venezia, JAR (Journal for Artistic Research) 
and Frame Visual Art Finland.

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