[artinfo] 1ST ENCAC Open Call to Audiovisual Artists and Developers

Laboral Centro de Arte practicas at laboralcentrodearte.org
Mon Jun 22 20:17:42 CEST 2015


LABoral and the nine artistic and cultural 
institutions that take part at the European 
Network for Contemporary Audiovisual 
Creation (ENCAC) have launched its first open 
call addressed to artists/developers worldwide, 
which are working on all kinds of innovative 
concepts and ideas in the fields of intermedia 
research on sound, visuals, music, performing 
arts and digital culture. The call offers five 
research and/or production residencies that will 
take place over the period of January-April 2016 
at the following locations: LABoral (L.E.V 
Festival, Gijón), Avatar (Quebec, Canada), DISK 
Berlin (CTM Festival, Berlin), humainTROPhumain 
(Montpellier) and le lieu unique (Nantes).

ENCAC is looking for creative and innovative 
artistic projects and research within the fields 
and at the cross-sections of sound, visuals, 
music, performing arts and digital culture. The 
residencies offer a chance for artists to 
research, conceive, produce and present new 
artistic works, new tools, methods, formats and 
perspectives for audiovisual creation. 
Presentation format depends on the nature of the 
residency, and may range from a final 
performance, an informal work-in-progress 
presentation, installation, a talk or 
workshop-style format, or other. Resident artists 
will receive technical and artistic guidance 
during the development of their research and 
production. The support will be provided by the 
hosting venue and its network of collaborators. 
Travel and accommodation costs are also covered 
by each hosting institution.

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