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Turbulence.org Commission: "Global Direct" by Paolo Cirio


Promoting global, participatory democracy "Global Direct" is a 
political philosophy driven by information technology and the failure 
of current political systems to respond to the complexities, crises, 
and speed of contemporary life. Inspired by the tradition of utopian 
artistic visions, and informed by extensive research, Cirio's fifteen 
organograms illustrate alternative protocols, procedures and policies 
for actualizing a global democratic system. On the website you will 
also find an invitation to "Suggest a Slogan," video statements by 
prominent advocates of participatory politics, and more. The slogans 
and printed posters of the "Global Direct" campaign will be 
disseminated through social networks and in physical public spaces. 
"Global Direct" showcases how distributed networking technologies can 
be used for participatory decision-making, transparent 
accountability, and civil awareness.

"Global Direct" is a 2014 commission of New Radio and Performing 
Arts, Inc. for its <http://Turbulence.org>Turbulence.org website. It 
was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation, now 
celebrating 50 years of the creative spirit of emerging artists. 
Additionally, "Global Direct" is supported by DOX Centre for 
Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic; and Lunatici Cultural A.P.S 
Association through the Municipality of Parma, Italy.


Paolo Cirio is an Italian contemporary artist based in Manhattan. His 
projects have tampered with institutions such as Facebook (Face to 
Facebook, 2011), Amazon (Amazon Noir, 2006), Google (Google Will Eat 
Itself, 2005), Nato (Anti-Nato Day, 2002), and the financial industry 
of the Cayman Islands (Loophole For All, 2013). He renders his 
conceptual works through performances, photos, drawings, videos and 
installations. Cirio's work has been presented and exhibited in major 
art institutions, including Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2014; 
TENT, Rotterdam, 2014; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2013; ZKM, 
Karlsruhe, 2013; CCCB, Barcelona, 2013; CCC Strozzina, Florence, 
2013; Museum of Contemporary Art of Denver, 2013; MAK, Vienna, 2013; 
and Architectural Association, London, 2013. Cirio has won a number 
of awards, most recently a Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica (2014). 
He has also curated panel discussions for The Kitchen (2012) and 
Eyebeam (2013) in New York City.

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