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"I'm your drug, you're my victim," a phrase that no one would ever expect
to read on his computer, but this is exactly what happened a few days ago,
Saturday, June 28 in La Spezia.

I, Artour Glitch, one and one hundred, real and imaginary, I decided to
show my works of Glitch Art using an alternative channel to the usual
institutional places of art: Media World (The italian brand for Media

So in the world of media, where television and computers display much
better due to the clarity of their screens, I discovered the opacity of the
system which includes me. Thanks to Bugspot, a new electronic device, it
was possible to infiltrate into the mega-store's Wi-Fi network, manipulate
data and web traffic and show my work to anyone who connects to it.

Seven works, seven glitch interventions, which overlap with any site you
try to surf on, seven sentences between disturbing and menacing that are
meant to put the viewer in front of the "power" of the media. The people
who are surfing on the computer and tablet in the shop do not expect to be
"attacked" by a machine, they feel disoriented and do not understand what
is happening.

Like any exhibit worthy of respect, I promoted the event and attracted
curious people by planting invitations throughout the mall so as to have,
in addition to unsuspecting visitors, viewers aware that something strange
was happening.

The operation "7 Glitch interventions on Media World" was designed and
developed in the imaginary laboratory REFRAMED, a space of collective
imagination close to the surroundings of the Academy of Fine Arts in
Carrara and an experimental fusion container between new digital media and
public spaces.

Txt & pics



<https://vimeo.com/99483521>https://vimeo.com/99483521 (trailer)


Made with Bugspot Hacking Device


Produced by Reframed lab


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