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                   *TALKING GALLERIES - The symposium on gallerism for
gallerists*  *

*  *Barcelona | November 11th -12th, 2013 |Museu d'Art Contemporani de
Barcelona (MACBA)*  * *

* How to ensure the future of galleries? How to promote and give value to
the gallerist? Is it possible to systematize the gallery practice and make
it more transparent? How to maintain effective relationships with all
sectors of the art system? These, amongst others, are the pillars of the
encounter between gallerists and art professionals in the second
edition of  Talking
Galleries <http://www.talkinggalleries.com/2013/> .

 Barcelona hosts this international forum, which aims to discuss and
explore the issues that concern and affect the contemporary art gallery
practice. With panel discussions, case studies and presentations, Talking
Galleries attempts to respond in a proactive way to a profession that
questions how to adapt to a reality marked by the economic crisis, fast
technology changes and fluctuating values market.

 Barcelona will display an open platform where professionals share
experiences, build new effective knowledge and search together for answers.
A *meeting of colleagues *that goes above and beyond the commercial side of
the art business and highlights central issues in the world of galleries,
producing meaningful contents for a global community of art professionals
in the frame of a non-selling environment.

 * Georgina Adam * , Financial Times art specialist will conduct the
sessions that include amongst others: *Bartomeu Marí*, President of CIMAM
and Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, with an
introduction to the conferences; renowned Ph.D. cultural economist *Clare
McAndrew*, who will outline tomorrow's art market; The Armory Show Director
*Noah Horowitz *with his diagnosis on the current conditions of the
globalised art context; Director of the MACBA Foundation *Ainhoa Grandes*,
who will talk about relationships between gallerists and the professional
art community; collector *Sylvain Levy* and his view on Chinese art market
based on his experience; gallerist *Claes Nordenhake, *discussing art fairs
vs. non-fair models; collector *Alain Servais* with his thesis on the
ecosystem of resistance; the specialist art lawyer *Eva Moraga *and the
gallerist *Alberto de Juan*, who will participate in a panel moderated
by *Daniel
McLean *in which they will discuss ways to standardize the gallery
practice; and the gallerist *Jocelyn Wolff*'s knowledge on working outside
the big structures.  See the rest of our outstanding speakers and the full
programme  here <http://www.talkinggalleries.com/2013/?page_id=6> .

 * 2 day meeting: November 11th-12th at the Museum of Contemporary Art |
Barcelona (MACBA).

 *  Limited availability

 * Registration fees €200

 *  Check for  special offers
<http://www.exitmail.net/www.talkinggalleries.com/2013/?p=391>  with
gallery associations.

 More information about Accommodation & Travel  here

  Follow us on Twitter:  @Talkingalleries

A project by SCREEN Projects, specialist in contemporary art and moving
image events  http://www.screen-projects.com/

  * C/ Enrique Granados 3, principal 2, 08007 Barcelona, Spain.

 *  * Tel. *  * +34 93 215 5260 *  * . e-mail: *  *
talkinggalleries at screen-barcelona.com *
<talkinggalleries at screen-barcelona.com> ;  *
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