[artinfo] Interdisciplinary Conference on Frames, University of Copenhagen

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Mon Nov 18 13:28:04 CET 2013

Dear colleagues and friends,

Here you may find an information about the coming 
FRAMINGS-conference in Copenhagen.

Interdisciplinary Conference on Frames
University of Copenhagen
29. November - 3. December 2013

FRAMINGS is a joint venture between the 
Institutes of Art History, University of 
Düsseldorf, the DNRF’s Centre for Textile 
Research, and the Department of Arts and Cultural 
Studies, University of Copenhagen. Its aim is to 
bring together strands of the pioneering 
international research on frames that has 
developed over the past decades, but intensified 
and systematized in Denmark and Germany over the 
past 5 years. The conference and the subsequent 
publications is supposed to create a synthesis of 
the ongoing research in the history and theory of 
frames within an interdisciplinary approach that 
has already manifested itself in two German 
publications in 2008 and 2010 and the showcased 
exhibition “Frames – State of the Art” at the 
Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen in 
2008-2009. The conference should demonstrate the 
immense interdisciplinary potential of the 
subject matter, and place the respective pioneer 
achievements within a broad international context.

Venue & timetable: 

Speakers & abstracts: 

University of Copenhagen
HUM Campus  Amager

Fri. 29.11.: Auditorium 23.0.50
Sat. 30.11.: Auditorium 22.0.11
Sun.1.12.: Auditorium 22.0.11

www. framings.org

The conference has been made possible by 
generous support of The Danish Agency for Science 
Technolgy and Innovation & Novo Nordisk Fonden

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