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Trieste Contemporanea Committee

2003-2013. A collection of curatorial data from the beginning of the millennium

May 30th, 2013 [10am-1pm | 3pm-6pm]
Venice, Palazzo Zorzi (Castello 4930) Italy

The CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators is a biennial 
event to be held in close connection with the opening of the Venice 
Biennale. It deals with the topics of cultural promotion and the 
exchange of curatorial experiences. The initiative is opened to 
Central Eastern European experts and curators and to the 
commissioners of the Venice Biennale responsible for the national 
pavilions of CEE countries. The audience registers online and attends 
the Forum free.

The Forum is an activity of the international network Continental 
Breakfast that fosters the creation of partnership projects and 
multidimensional capacity building exchange programmes in the field 
of contemporary art in CEE.

2013 Topics /
Our Evo Veloce runs and constantly changes its reference points; its 
interpreting tools; its predisposition for cultural archiving in line 
with meanings from contextual positions which can be multiple, hybrid 
or even unsystematic. Similarly, in terms of current cultural 
products, the concepts of the art exhibitions proposed by the 
curators are very diverse and based on a lot of personal 
The 2013 Venice Forum - which commemorates 10 years of activity 
together with friends from the Continental Breakfast network - wants 
to stimulate a reflection on the wealth of observational working 
tools by discussing and comparing examples/main criteria of 
subjective decisions taken by curators with regards to the greater or 
lesser importance of a contemporary work/artistic action.
In practical terms, the meeting this year wants to discuss a number 
of curatorial choices - from the protagonists directly - from a short 
time segment immediately contiguous to the present, namely the last 
ten years.
The changing relational priorities and the speed conditions informed 
by the context - especially overwhelmingly in the last decade - 
affect, in the cultural domain, the possibilities of pinpointing the 
problematic framework within which the characteristics of relevance 
and interest for a specific artistic action are perceived. Defining a 
problematic framework currently (which is, as it were in 'constant 
flux' due to external factors) is a complex matter which also entails 
the difficulty of grasping clearly the essential - and not accidental 
- interconnection within its framework which can in turn take into 
account the generative fertility of a good artistic action, with 
regards to the ability of the current widespread visual environment 
to assimilate it (the 'running time', so to speak, of the action 
The 2013 CEI Venice Forum wishes to add to the debate underway by 
aiming to directly invite the participants - ranging in education, 
age and countries of origin - to share with colleagues the evaluation 
practices personally adopted over the last ten years for selecting 
episodes of importance/excellence from the international artistic 
output of the time and/or comment on defining important/excellent 
curatorial episodes from the last decade, in their opinion.

The working language will be English.
There is no fee for participation and you have to 

Find on 
<http://www.triestecontemporanea.it/>www.triestecontemporanea.it the 
programme of the Forum, the list of speakers and the registration 

	Trieste Contemporanea Committee
via del Monte 2/1
34121 Trieste

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