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The new interactive platform is now online!

With OPEN LAB, Cocomore AG and Weltkulturen Museum introduce an 
interactive online platform that represents an unprecedented method 
for working with ethnographic collections and remediating them in the 
21st century. It is the first of its kind to have been developed by a 
In 2010, the Weltkulturen Museum founded the Weltkulturen Labor in 
order to revisit and reinterpret the museum's collection of over 
67.000 artefacts together with artists, writers, anthropologists, 
filmmakers and lawyers in residence.
The question of "How the hidden potential of the collection in the 
Weltkulturen Museum may be communicated and made available beyond the 
borders of the city of Frankfurt?" led to the development of OPEN LAB.
With OPEN LAB the artefacts of the collection are uploaded and serve 
as design prototypes. They not only tell the story of cultures from 
all over the world, but also offer untapped potential for future 
innovation beyond professional and geographic boundaries.
OPEN LAB represents more than just a documentation platform for the 
depiction of process-based research. It is an independent interactive 
production tool for both creative producers and academics. With the 
V+ Button, which can be found at each stage of development of the 
project tree, each user can upload their own texts, audio files and 
photos. Ideas can be exchanged and projects can be co-created from 
opposite sides of the world. In this way OPEN LAB finds answers to 
unresolved questions on the origins, functions, and meanings of 
individual artefacts and produces new findings that can be made 
available to the broader public. Its community features enable one to 
follow these processes live, and to comment on and investigate 
questions or projects individually or in groups.
OPEN LAB is now globally accessible to all who are interested. The 
first step is to simply create an account on the homepage.
We look forward to your comments and contributions!

Weltkulturen Museum

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