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*Controversies in the world of contemporary art*

*Lecturer:* Délia Vékony- art historian,lecturer; International Business
School; Department of Arts Management
*Dates:* 14th January- 28th January 2013

Have we ever felt that we simply do not get how it is possible for an
artist to earn millions of dollars with the kind of art s/he is making?
That we do not understand how a rotting shark in a fishtank can sell for 12
million dollars? Who decides and makes possible the creation of artist
superstars, whereas equally talented practitioners struggle to survive? How
come that museums offering 'cheap' exhibitions become a brand, whereas
serious institutions have to close down? How is it possible that at the
time of economic recession the world of art keeps on making more and more
money?What are the mechanisms behind these facts?

The lecture series aims to take the participants to the backstage of the
art world and reveal the - often dubious - mechanisms behind the financial,
institutional and artistic practices in the world of contemporary art. The
lectures focus on three aspects of the art world that are active and
influential agents, namely art theory, art museums and the art market.

Contemporary art theories that are created to define what a good work of
art is contradict one another. Institutions follow art critics because they
believe in quality representation, following promotional strategies they
are also bound by market forces, becasue they have to survive financially.
Art market, guided by branded dealers who rely on personal taste and the
show-value of the artwork, creates artist superstars who cannot be ignored
neither by museums nor by art criticism. The interplay of these
three spheres are explored in order to reveal how slippery the ground is
behind success in the art world.

week 1 Art theory
week 2 Museums
week 3 Art markets

*Délia Vékony*
Art historian and lecturer. She studied art history and philosophy at Cape
Town University, Denver and at University of Pretoria (South Africa). She
participated in the 6th International Conference on Art Therapy in
Budapest. In 2011, she was coordinator for Art Market Budapest Contemporary
Art Fair and took part at the Euroacademia Global Conference in Vienna:
„European Union and the Politicization of Europe. Art as Cultural
Diplomacy". Currently she is lecturer at the Department of Arts Management
at International Business School of Budapest.

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