[artinfo] Radarstation 2 - Call for Tracks

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Thu Oct 4 15:18:49 CEST 2012

Radarstation 2 - Call for tracks

Fantomton is looking for musicians for a 
sound-project based on samples taken at the 
abandoned listening station at Teufelsberg Berlin.

Link to the call: 

*The Project*

The abandoned listening station on the 
Teufelsberg Berlin has a magical atmosphere. The 
industrial area with its rusty metal surfaces, 
broken glass and the unique acoustic in the domes 
provide a rich repertoire of fascinating sounds 
which reflect the area's ambience.

We could not resist the attraction of the place 
and visited it in 2009, equipped with microphones 
and recording devices. Subsequently the 
recordings were given to musicians in order to 
get different interpretations of the sound 
material. The goal was to translate the 
impressions of the place into music.

The result is the release Radarstation: 

Due to great interest and a lot of positive 
reactions in the recent time, we once more would 
like to motivate artists to use our sound 
material to produce new exciting tracks.

*How to contribute*

The tracks should mainly consist of our samples 
and reflect the special atmosphere of the area, 
interpreted by the artists. The resulting works 
will be presented on our website and will be 
offered as "Radarstation 2Åç compilation for 
download. There is also the possibility of a CD 

The participating tracks should not be longer 
than 10 minutes and we would like to receive them 
in flac format. We will release the compilation 
under this creative commons license and need your 
approval [1].

Deadline is the 25. November 2012.


You can find our samples in the Fantomon Dropbox: 
Click Download -> As Zip

As a further inspiration we recommend to go for a 
walk on Teufelsberg or take a look at the 
numerous pictures of the place.

Conversion to flac: http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html

*Send us your track*

- Goto http://www.dropitto.me/fantomton
- Use password: radarstation
- Select your flac file and press upload

Have fun listening to the samples and producing music.
We are looking forward to hear your compositions and thank you in advance!

The Fantomton Team

[1] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/de/deed.en_US

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