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Doctoral or Postdoctoral Research Fellowship on Gamification

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg in Germany is 
currently undergoing a process of renewal. Since 
the fall of 2007, Leuphana has been developing a 
new model for higher education that is based on 
humanist values, sustainability and 
student-centered learning. Having established the 
College, the Graduate School and the Professional 
School, the University now intends to shape its 
four science initiatives: education, culture, 
economics and sustainability. To strengthen 
Lüneburg both as a research location and as an 
economic stronghold, Leuphana University realizes 
a large-scale EU project, the so-called 
Innovation Incubator. Finally, Leuphana 
University is establishing the Centre for Digital 
Cultures to connect and further develop its 
manifold research activities in the field of 
Digital Media.

Besides its focus on online video and the future 
of moving images, the Centre for Digital Cultures 
explores the conditions, processes and effects of 
the production, processing, presentation and 
circulation of computer games and mobile games as 
well as the more general trend towards 
'gamification'. The transformations that lead to 
what is being called a 'digital culture' or 'net 
culture' affect the social, political and 
economic foundations of society. They reconfigure 
the rules of being-in-common, political 
participation and media economics - from turning 
consumers into 'prosumers' to fragmenting the 
public into dispersed publics, from the emergence 
of new networks of value creation to new forms of 
financing and marketing. Specifically, under the 
supervision of Prof. Dr. Mathias Fuchs academic 
and practice-based research into computer games 
and the effects and cause of gamification will be 

In order to connect young international scholars 
with the Centre for Digital Cultures, the 
“Michael Ballhaus Scholarship Programme" offers

1 Doctoral or Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (12 months)
on "Gamification"

The fellowship will be awarded with a monthly 
stipend of 1.200eu. It is intended for highly 
qualified candidates, who are motivated to work 
with the Centre's interdisciplinary team and 
contribute to the Lab's research output.


Completed PhD in Game Studies, Media Studies, 
Cultural Studies or Media Sociology
(Doctoral candidates are expected to have started 
a PhD or start one at Leuphana University 
Lüneburg, and are determined to do complementary 
research and project work at the University of 
Demonstrable knowledge of qualitative 
methodologies, esp. with regard to image-based 
methods and visual ethnography
Demonstrable knowledge of the current state of 
theory development as concerns the field of game 
studies, new media and digital cultures
Evidence of publication and project delivery 
through independent, original research in an 
international context (Doctoral candidates are 
expected to be ready for conference publications 
and papers on a national and international level.)
Interdisciplinary understanding of the problems 
and methods in different fields of social-, 
cultural- and media-theoretical knowledge

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg is committed 
to increasing the proportion of women among 
academic staff and strongly encourages female 
researchers to apply. Persons with disabilities 
will be given preference in accordance with legal 

For information about the Leuphana University of 
Lüneburg, a small and dynamic university located 
in the vicinity of Hamburg and within two hours 
distance to Berlin, visit 

The required application documents include your 
detailed CV (including academic record), a 
description of your previous research activities, 
a list of your most important publications and a 
brief research proposal (1-2 pages). Please 
submit your application electronically no later 
than 15/10/2012 to annett.kosmalski at leuphana.de

Prof. Dr. Mathias Fuchs
Leuphana University Lüneburg
Segmented Media Offerings

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Scharnhorststraße 1
21335 Lüneburg, Germany
Sülztorstraße 21-35, Raum 331
Residential Address: Ratiborstrasse 18
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email: mathias.fuchs at inkubator.leuphana.de

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