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Joanna Walewska joanna.walewska at gazeta.pl
Thu May 31 23:36:21 CEST 2012

Call for participation
Media Ecology Worshop

The main aim of the project is to gather people 
with diverse educational background and to create 
a friendly environment suitable for 
interdisciplinary experiments with low tech 
tools. We envision this project as an open 
platform for the different projects in which 
participants who represent various disciplines, 
paradigms and perspectives would support each 
others' efforts throughout discussions, 
commentaries and collective effort. What we would 
like to achieve is an interdisciplinary, teamwork 
research on subjects proposed by participants.
During the summer school we would also like to 
offer you lectures and workshops prepared by 
invited key note speakers. We hope that contact 
with them will help the participants in 
conducting their own research, artistic or 
scientific projects. We intent this event to be 
the first step in the process of creation network 
of people willing to contribute in the 
interdisciplinary research and dialog.
Workshop leaders: Rachelle Viader Knowles 
(Canada), Monika Górska-Olesinska (Poland), Jan 
ArgasiŸski (Poland), Levente Polyak(Hungary), 
Michal Kindernay (Czech Republic), Piotr Klepacki 
(Poland), Anna Nacher& Marek Styczynski (Poland).

The summer school is addressed to students, Ph. 
D. candidates and professionals from Czech 
Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and other 
countries with no restriction to the faculties 
they represent. Representatives of humanities, 
arts and social studies and natural studies are 
welcome. All candidates willing to participate in 
this event are expected to submit a proposal for 
their social, artistic or research project, which 
deals with, but is not restricted to, such topics 
- urban versus rural ecology in the context of media practices
- mobile media and social media
- soundscape, mediascape & landscape.
We are looking for original, simple, low tech, 
D.I.Y style projects that can be conceptualized 
during the two weeks of the workshop (but needn't 
be finalized within this timeframe).
The summer school will take place between 6 and 
19th July 2012. During the event we will leave 
Krakow for five days as three workshops will take 
place at Sopatowiec between 9 and 13th July.
The deadline for the sublission is 10 of June 2012.
Please send us the applications including your:
- name
- afiliation
- description of your project (max. 500 words)
at the address: mediaecologies(at)<http://gmail.com>gmail.com
Fee: no fee



Joanna Walewska

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