[artinfo] whoops. donate link: secret action needs your support

The Yes Men mike at theyesmen.org
Thu May 31 19:48:30 CEST 2012

The link to donate that i sent was useless. I am resending again. If you
did want to donate, please just go to www.yeslab.org and hit the green
"donate" button on the left hand side. Thanks for your understanding - or

Annoyingly yours, 
Mike Bonanno
The Yes Lab 

original message below

Dear Friends, 
At the beginning of July, the Yes Men – working together with several
organizations – will attempt to pull off our most ambitious stunt ever.
We think we can do it, but the budget is equally ambitious, due to the
complicated, crude, poetic, funny, non-violent mechanisms we must deploy in
an exclusive business environment. Sorry we cannot divulge more. Just know
that this will help bring attention to one of the most appalling examples
of abusive corporate behavior ever, right in our collective backyard.

Can you help by giving a few bucks? We're a few thousand dollars short. If
you give more than $100, and provide your mailing address, we will send you
a priceless, hygienic relic from the event. Even if you give less, come
July 5 you will be able to say you made it happen.

Thanks much!

Mike Bonanno
The Yes Lab

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