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Main Feature: Vasarely Go Home (Trafo Galeria > April 29)
'Andreas Fogarasi’s unusual art documentary ‘Vasarely Go Home!’ comes to Budapest’s Trafó Galéria straight from its debut at the prestigious Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. With the freedom of the artist to zoom in to an obscure footnote of history in order to reveal myriad contemporary questions, the work uses interviews with prominent art figures to investigate a peculiar double event that took place in Budapest in autumn 1969.'

Review: Csaba Nemes, Father's Name (Knoll Galeria > March 31)*****
'The series of paintings in Csaba Nemes’s latest show at the Knoll Galéria take as their starting point the serendipitous observation that the artist has the name as his father. While Csaba Nemes the Elder took photographs of village life in far flung Eastern Hungary, his son has refashioned them in oil and canvas to signal unexpected echoes and curious parallels between contemporary experience and the lost world of goulash communism.'

Review: Endre Koronczi, Free Will (Inda Galéria > March 9)*****
'At the heart of Endre Koronczi’s exhibition in Inda Galéria is a video featuring a long-haired drummer with a t-shirt that reads ‘What an arsehole’, bashing his rhythm sticks in a deserted office building. Koronczi’s powerful metaphor for the irreducible core of artistic freedom is set in the desert of commercial architecture and celebrates the will to power of individual creative expression.'

Review: Back and Forth: 8 Artists from London (B55 Galéria >  March 9)****
‘The sound bite is there is no sound bite!’ exclaimed exhibition curator Estelle Thompson, when asked about her attraction to contemporary abstract painting. The latest show in the elegant B55 Gallery of eight London-based followers of abstraction provides plenty of opportunity to indulge in the transcendental pleasures of art for art’s sake.'   

Review: Bernar Venet, New York, Versailles, Budapest (Műcsarnok > March 17)***
'Solo shows in the vast halls of the Műcsarnok often seem half-empty, with artists and curators resorting to stage props and architectural interventions to fill up the endless space. Thankfully this is not the case with Bernar Venet’s retrospective, which already in its title announces a willingness to tackle the grandeur and expansiveness of New York, Versailles and Budapest.'

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