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The Past Reloaded
‘Today the debate around the fate of surviving left-leaning monuments to cultural and historical figures originally favoured by the communist regime has been dramatically reopened, while apologists for Admiral Horthy have begun to clamour for a statue of Hungary’s controversial wartime leader.’  

Tamás Komoróczky - Ghost Trap (Galeria Neon > 13 June)****
‘Komoróczky gives us a rendez-vous with the esoteric, tapping into hidden dimensions of existence whose sound is usually drowned out by the drone of the everyday, and reminding us that art does not have to be either trendy, political or commercial in order to be contemporary.’

EIKE - Private View (Deák Erika Galéria > 16 June)****
‘The exhibition is packed with mostly new work, predominantly video installations and digital prints, which circle the artist’s favourite themes of the creation of virtual space and the manipulation of the temporal axis of perception.’

Random (Mai Manó > June 17)****
‘The freewheeling curatorial concept of the exhibition is to select ‘atypical works that do not fit in or correspond to the artist’s earlier works, neither with regard to their theme, style or artistic orientation,’ adding an additional and potentially puzzling layer of randomness to the display.’

Veronika Romhány - Insignificants – The Collection (Studio Galéria > 12 June)****
‘As if to prove that anything is possible with ‘poor materials’, Veronika Romhány rescues discarded objects from oblivion, transforming them into elements of an all-encompassing micro-universe. Along with references to arte povera, there are echoes too of Tadeusz Kantor’s grandiose elevation of ordinary objects into the realm of fine art.’

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