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Feature: Cancelled at the Műcsarnok
'This autumn has brought a string of unexpected cancellations to the programme of one of Budapest’s most prominent art spaces - the Műcsarnok or Kunsthalle - that can only partly be explained by the deteriorating financial situation. The last minute changes to the exhibition line up also reflect the priorities of the institution’s new management.'

Review: East of Eden - Photorealism: Versions of Reality (Ludwig Museum)
'While Western photorealism had its origins in an artistic response to the challenge posed by photographic depiction to realist painting, the East European version turns out to be less formalistic and more political in its exploration of the dream of consumer society within an economy of scarcity.' 

William Kentridge  (Museum of Fine Arts)
'The grand aura of Budapest’s most imposing museum also provides an ideal counterpoint for the artist’s theatrical exploration of the legacy of modernism.' 

Seba Kurtis (Lumen Gallery)
'Artistic attempts to document and come close to these painful and alienating experiences usually originate from the outside, showing empathy towards the fate of the Other, but from a discreet distance. The uniqueness of Argentine photographer Seba Kurtis’s vision comes from his own personal journey for five long years through the hazardous terrain of illegal migration.'

>From A to B through C (ACB Gallery)
'The title of this curated group show is not just a play on the name of the gallery, that was probably chosen strategically to place it at the top of alphabetical exhibition listings, but is also a way to open up reflection on the concept of metaphorical and literal journeys.'

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