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>Call For Paper
>Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks
>2nd Leonardo satellite symposium
>We are pleased to invite you to Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks —
>2nd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci 2011 taking place at the
>Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest,
>on Tuesday, June 7, 2011.
>We are pleased to announce the second Leonardo 
>satellite symposium at NetSci2011 on
>Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks. The aim of the symposium is to foster
>cross-disciplinary research on complex systems 
>within or with the help of arts and humanities.
>The symposium will highlight arts and humanities 
>as an interesting source of data, where
>the combined experience of arts, humanities 
>research, and natural science makes a huge
>difference in overcoming the limitations of 
>artificially segregated communities of practice.
>Furthermore, the symposium will focus on 
>striking examples, where artists and humanities
>researchers make an impact within the natural 
>sciences. By bringing together network
>scientists and specialists from the arts and 
>humanities we strive for a better understanding
>of networks and their visualizations in general.
>The overall mission is to bring together pioneer 
>work, leveraging previously unused potential
>by developing the right questions, methods, and 
>tools, as well as dealing with problems of
>information accuracy and incompleteness. Running 
>parallel to the NetSci2011 conference,
>the symposium will also provide a unique 
>opportunity to mingle with leading researchers and
>practitioners of complex network science, 
>potentially sparking fruitful collaborations.
>In addition to keynotes and interdisciplinary 
>discussion, we are looking for a number of
>contributed talks. Selected papers will be 
>published in print in a Special Section of Leonardo
>Journal (MIT Press), as well as online in 
>Leonardo Transactions. The symposium is a follow up
>to the first satellite event on “Arts | 
>Humanities | Complex Networks” at NetSci2010 in Boston.
>The 2010 abstracts, papers and videos are 
>available at: 
>Confirmed keynote speakers include:
>Marek Claassen, Director, ArtFacts.Net
>Jim Crutchfield, Director, Complexity Sciences Center, UC Davis
>Nathalie Henry Riche, researcher, VIBE group, Microsoft Research, Seattle
>Organizing committee:
>Maximilian Schich, CCNR BarabásiLab, Northeastern University, USA
>Roger Malina, Executive Editor at Leonardo Publications, France/USA
>Isabel Meirelles, Dept. of Art + Design, Northeastern University, USA
>Tijana Stepanovic, Ludwig Museum–Museum of Contemporary Art’s Affiliate,
>ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange, Hungary
>Possible subjects include:
>* Contemporary art and network science;
>* Cultural exchange and trade networks (from the 
>Neolithic to modern supply chains);
>* Emergence and evolution of canon in art, music, literature and film;
>* Evolution of communities of practice in art and science;
>* History and theory of network visualization;
>* Networks in architecture and urban planning 
>(from Ekistics to Reality Mining);
>* Network structure and dynamics in art, music, literature and film;
>* Taxonomy and evolutionary models in art and science.
>We are looking for ten 15 minute contributions 
>covering a large territory around arts,
>humanities and complex networks. Abstracts 
>should not exceed 300 words and include
>one relevant URL. You are also requested to 
>upload your most awesome figure in jpg
>format. You will have the opportunity to post 
>your submission using the EasyChair system
>(the respective link is available at: 
>Important dates:
>The deadline for applications is February 6, 2011.
>Decisions for acceptance will be sent out by February 28, 2011.
>The symposium will take place in Budapest on June 7, 2011.
>Attendance to our symposium is free of charge. 
>As space is limited, we require registration.
>We encourage everyone to also register for the main NetSci2011 conference.
>NetSci2011 attendees can register directly 
>during main conference registration.
>For the NetSci2011 registration fee and deadline 
>please see: <http://www.netsci2011.net/>http://www.netsci2011.net.
>In addition we will give out a limited number of 
>free tickets via Eventbrite. The respective
>link will become available at: 
>About NetSci:
>The International School and Conference on 
>Network Science (NetSci 2011) will bring
>together leading researchers and practitioners 
>in network science — analysts, modeling
>experts, and visualization specialists with 
>graduate students from many different research
>areas for interdisciplinary communication and 
>collaboration. The conference focuses
>on novel directions in networks research within 
>the biological and environmental
>sciences, computer and information sciences, 
>social sciences, finance and business.
>NetSci 2011 will take place in June 6-10, 2011 
>in Budapest. NetSci 2011 is co-organized by
>a consortium of Hungarian universities and the 
>Hungarian Academy of Sciences, coordinated
>by the Center for Network Science at Central 
>European University (<mailto:cns at ceu.hu>cns at ceu.hu).
>Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks at NetSci2011:
>NetSci2011: <http://www.netsci2011.net/>http://www.netsci2011.net
>The 2010 abstracts, papers and videos: 
>ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange: <http://../>http://www.acax.hu
>BarabásiLab, Northeastern University, Boston: 
>Dept. Art+Design, Northeastern University, 
>Boston: <http://www.art.neu.edu/>http://www.art.neu.edu
>Leonardo/ISAST: <http://www.leonardo.info/>http://www.leonardo.info
>Leonardo/OLATS: <http://www.olats.org/>http://www.olats.org
>Ludwig Museum–Museum of Contemporary Art, 
>Budapest: <http://www.ludwigmuseum.hu/>http://www.ludwigmuseum.hu
>If you would like to be added to the list of 
>interested people, please drop us an e-mail
>with the subject Please add me to the Arts, 
>Humanities, and Complex Networks list at
><mailto:artshumanities.netsci at gmail.com>artshumanities.netsci at gmail.com. 
>Alternatively you can follow schichmax on Twitter.
>Download the Call for Paper 2011 
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