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'double lives:duple trials' Exhibition

A 'double life' conventionally is a life of two 
identities where one is simultaneously involved 
in two sets of circumstances and retains the 
secrecy of one from the other.

The exhibition hopes to explore these two sets 
exposing the dichotomies of fiction and reality, 
mirror images and opposing forces. 'Double lives' 
cater for a parallel existence whether it 
portrays deceiving acts or insatiable actions and 
can as subtle as a pen name or as exaggerated as 
the secret identity of a super hero; ultimately 
why are they adopted?

Rene Descartes and Gilbert Ryle both contest from 
separate perspectives that our biographies- mind 
and body- are divided but can along in parallel 
without being the same entity.

Application information

Artists are invited to submit work which 
investigates the functions of duality, such as 
alter egos, multiple personalities, parallel 
universes, secret relationships but where double 
lives exist, privately or publicly.

The exhibition will take place at the Malt Cross, 
16, St James St, Nottingham 
in February 2011.

All media will be considered but is steering 
towards alternatives such as, projections, slide 
shows, interventions and installations

Please note that the submission process is free 
but if artists are selected they are required to 
pay a £20 administration fee.

To apply please send up to 3 jpeg images and an 
approximately 50 word statement about how the 
work links to the theme to 
<mailto:alidiana at gmail.com>alidiana at gmail.com

Deadline for submissions: 30th November 2010.

Diana Ali (Curator of 'double lives: duple trials')


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