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Tue Mar 16 14:38:28 CET 2010

    *ElectroSmog Festival at Medialab-Prado

*on March 18, 2010 from 4 pm to 11 pm*

Venue: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid (Spain)
difusion (at) medialab-prado.es

Join us at the ElectroSmog festival! From March 18 through 20 this event 
will propose a critique of the worldwide explosion of mobility, and an 
exploration of the new forms of connectedness with others offered to us 
by network and communication technologies. The program includes 
international debates and discussions, performances and art projects 
that will be streamed live through the Festival's website 
http://www.electrosmogfestival.net/. The public will be able to 
participate *locally from Medialab-Prado* or *on-line through the web 
interface*, that allows to post comments and vote.

Medialab-Prado participates in this international event with the 
following activities [live streaming from Medialab-Prado's website]:

*4 pm - 6 pm: Debate about Hyper-Mobility (+ presentation of /In the 
Air/ project)*

    Hyper-mobility poses a myriad of challenges for urban planners: How
    is urban planning responding to conditions of hyper-mobility? Are
    networking technologies playing a role in policies and actions? +
    Presentation of "In the Air" project, collaboratively developed
    during Visualizar'08 and Visualizar'09 workshops in Medialab-Prado.
    Presented by Nerea Calvillo, author.

*6 pm - 8 pm: Riverrun: A collective and experimental online artwork 
workshop* (previous registration at medialab-prado's website)

    Riverrun could be described as an emergent Exquisite Corpse.
    Creators collaborate in the making of a collective story in real
    time. Each person participates, using their own computer (client),
    by writing a small part of a collective story. A session of at least
    four parallel experiments: two in English and two in Spanish. These
    collective writing experiments will involve both local and online
    participation. Developed by artist Kevin McCourt and theoretical
    physicist Bartolo Luque.

*9 pm - 11 pm: Debate about City and Country Branding

    City and regional branding strategies contribute disproportionally
    to increased travel and mobility, both for touristic purposes as
    well as for professional travel and conference-mania. But from an
    ecological point of view, however, the branding strategy is highly
    questionable. Are cities and regions economically viable at all
    without effective branding and promotion strategies?

    Participants in Medialab-Prado: Ana Méndez, moderator, Isidro López
    (Observatorio Metropolitano) and Eva Ramos López (Town Planning and
    Housing Area, Madrid City Council)

More information: http://medialab-prado.es/article/electrosmog_festival

Nerea García Garmendia
Comunicación / Press
Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Plaza de las Letras
Alameda, 15 28014 Madrid
Tfno. +34 914 202 754
difusion at medialab-prado.es

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