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Please forward to artists and researcherswho may find this of interest.
 Anuradha Vikram, Curator, Worth Ryder Art Gallery Department of Art Practice,
 UC Berkeley 
 avikram at berkeley.edu
 Knowledge Hacking is an experimental research and exhibition project
 organized by the Worth Ryder Art Gallery (WRAG), Department of Art Practice,
 UC Berkeley, as a parallel program with ZER01: The Art and Technology
 Network. WRAG invites proposals for short-term residencies for independent
 artists and researchers pursuing art-science collaborations with departments
 on the UC campuses at Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Davis. Supported
 collaborations will commence in April and will be presented as a discursive
 exhibition of work in progress at the Worth Ryder to coincide with Build
 Your Own World, the 01SJ Biennial, in San Jose from September 16-19, 2010.
 Tentative dates for the exhibition are September 15-October 16.
 Residencies will be awarded to projects that lend themselves to
 conceptualization within the research framework of the university, and for
 which principal collaborators both within and outside the UC system have
 already been identified . UC collaborators may include current students,
 faculty or visiting researchers. Artists and scientists from within the UC
 system, the Bay Area and elsewhere are invited to apply with projects that
 include one or more UC-affiliated collaborators. Proposals may come from one
 or more artists seeking to work with a partner in the sciences, or from one
 or more scientists seeking to work with art and media practitioners. We are
 seeking proposals for long-term collaborations that include a documentation
 or prototype element, which can be presented in the September exhibition and
 further developed through educational programming.
 Artists and researchers within the UC system, independent artists whose work
 invites scientific collaboration, and independent researchers seeking to
 work with artists to visualize their research, are invited to apply. The
 Department of Art Practice and campus partners will facilitate access to UC
 resources such as space and equipment, and provide a modest budget for the
 initial phase of project development. Further development of selected
 proposals and exhibition in their fully realized form is a future
 possibility, though not included in this pilot phase of the project.
 Applications must include a project narrative (250-500 words), contact
 information and biographies for lead collaborators (including at least one
 UC affiliate), a pilot-phase budget of no more than $1000, a statement of
 commitment from a UC-affiliated partner, and 5-10 images (which may include
 concept art for the proposed project and examples of collaborators’ past
 work). Please EMAIL all required documents in PDF format to Anuradha Vikram,
 WRAG Curator, at avikram at berkeley.edu by March 21.
 Anuradha Vikram, Curator, Worth Ryder Art Gallery
 Department of Art Practice, UC Berkeley
 avikram at berkeley.edu
 The Worth Ryder Art Gallery has served as a cultural and artistic hub for
 students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, and the Bay Area cultural
 community for over forty years. The gallery serves primarily as an
 exhibition platform for emerging contemporary artistic strategies and
 methodologies. Curated exhibitions, student proposals and class projects are
 presented side-by-side, connecting educational and professional practices
 and bringing current students and faculty into contact with alumni, the Bay
 Area community and the larger world.
 About the partners:
 Department of Art Practice, UC Berkeley
 The Department of Art Practice provides a professional art training within
 the context of a world-renowned research university. We offer both the
 Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) and the Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA).
 Undergraduate students may also choose to receive a Minor in Art Practice.
 The department provides a strong grounding in traditional artistic skills to
 complement a full curriculum of courses in new genres, electronic media, and
 critical practices.
 Art Practice draws gifted and independent students who thrive in a creative
 environment that encourages experimentation.
 ZER01: the Art and Technology Network
 The mission of ZER01: the Art and Technology Network is inspiring creativity
 at the intersection of art, technology and digital culture. The primary
 enterprise of ZER01 is the 01SJ Biennial, a multi-disciplinary, multi-venue
 event of visual and performing arts, the moving image, public art, and of
 course, interactive digital media. 01SJ will become the Ars Electronica of
 North America; the undisputed Sundance and South by Southwest for
 independent digital media, and a globally recognized biennial of
 contemporary art on the order of the Liverpool Biennale and the Edinburgh
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