[artinfo] MADATAC - Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts in Madrid: call for submissions

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e-artnow presents: MADATAC - Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts in MadridMADATAC - Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts in Madrid

Transfera Media Arts


madatac at transfera.es

September 30, 2010 

Festival dates:
December 1 - 4, 2010 Madrid 
TRANSFERA VIDEO ART TV and MADATAC CONTEMPORARY AUDIO- VISUAL ART FESTIVAL (Muestra Abierta de Arte Audiovisual Contemporaneo) call for 2010 is open.

It is left open without restrictions the call to select, by means of a criteria in which will be valued particularly the quality, the experimentation, the innovation and the risk, the creations of all those audio-visual artists who wish that their works are promoted and broadcasted through a weekly and independent program of television.

The content of the weekly tv program Transfera (www.transfera.es), produced from Madrid, is exclusively dedicated to divulgue videoart in all its modalities (any processes of image-sound interaction, without exclusion of the experimental cinema), with the aim to disclose to the great public a view of the consolidated videoartists and offer a platform for all those emergent videoartists with a future projection who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional visual language and does not find their place in other mass media spaces.

There is no deadline nor restrictions for the age of the participants or for the amount of material desired to send.

All the participants can also send a brief promotional video about themselves and their work (not more than 4 minutes long), that will be included within the program as a presentation of their art.

The interested must send their works in a PAL DVD or video format mpeg or mov uncompressed files, (720x576 resolution, preferably 16:9, but 4:3 is also accepted), with an acceptable quality for broadcasting, an jpg image of the video, a brief CV with their personal data, contact and a signed permission form, which you can downloaded from Transfera web or ask for it at: info at transfera.es

Transfera cannot return the sent material. However, all the received material will enter, unless the authors express the contrary, in the selection for the II Edition of MADATAC, the Open Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Art that Transfera Media Arts will organize in Madrid, Spain, on December 2010.

This event will serve to prize, with currency and honours, the best videos emitted in the program during this time among the selected participants as a compensation for their support. Also, it will be again an opportunity to watch and enjoy the most experimental and innovative audio visual creations, to meet the artist's and the scholar's of the future, to buy brand new video art pieces and to learn what is really moving this particular artistic discipline.

In the case that the piece is selected, Transfera will send a submission form with the agreement for broadcast permission and rights clearance to be signed by you.

Participation in this project implies the acceptance of its rules.

To receive more information on the call please write to: info at transfera.es

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