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Wed Jan 27 13:10:15 CET 2010

SFC - Shoah Film Collection

A Virtual Memorial Foundation & VideoChannel Cologne
are happy to launch the initiative
SFC - Shoah Film Collection
on occasion of 27 January 2010 - International Holocaust Day
65th Return of the Liberation of the Concentration Camp Auschwitz (27 January 1945).

SFC - starts with 34 films and videos dealing with the SHOAH and related fields.
As an initiave it is its aim to encourage especially young film- and videokers all over the world to reflect SHOAH by using new technologies and contenporary approaches in order to contribute against the Forgetting.

Many of the films and videos were especially created for SFC, and  show that reflecting SHOAH in an artistic sense does not need to be necessarily reflecting the Past, but basically the Present, which can be the bridge to the Future.

SFC is part of  Draft Title Shoah - a media art context and feature of the week 05
and will be Feature of the Month February 2010 on NewMediaFest'2010,
with daily solo features during the month February 2010  on Video Art Database.

SFC is including these artists/directors
Agricola de Cologne, Yochai Avrahami and Karin Eliyahu, Bebe Beard
Christiano Berti, Isobel Blank, Paolo Bonfiglio, Sean Burn, David R. Burns
Brian Delevie, Konstantinos-A. Goutos, Alicia Felberbaum, Grace Graupe Pillard
Felice Hapetzeder, Holger Kiess, Anetta Kapon, Tammy Mike Laufer
Dana Levy, Heike Liss & Thea Farhadian, Lukas Matejka, Branko Miliskovic
Jay Needham, Doris Neidl, Miri Nishri, Cerzary Ostrowski
Doron Polak & Uri Dushy, Natania Rubin, Jens Salander,& Mikael Stromberg, 
Antti Savela, Maja Schweizer, Boris Sribar, Anders Weberg, Yonathan Weinstein

SFC - Shoah Film Collection

is a corporate part of 
Draft Title: Shoah - http://dts.engad.org on
A Virtual Memorial Foundation
http://www.a-virtual-memorial.org - and
VideoChannel Cologne
and featured on
10 Years - [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne]
global heritage of digital culture

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